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Spring is just around the corner and it is time to initiate and welcome the energy of new beginnings. Join Transformative Arts Facilitator, Eliza Starbuck, and Celtic Shaman-Priestess, Nadiya Nottingham, and Galactic Sound Resonator, LeRoy Hankins, at the Cold Spring center of consciousness, Skybaby Yoga Studio, as we offer a ceremony and celebration to activate new beginnings and great shifts into ourselves and the world around us.

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About the Spring Equinox
March 20th marks the Spring Equinox and the shift away from darkness into equal parts of light and dark. The lesson of Equinox is to re-introduce us to our ‘Inner Fires’ and to Reclaim Power. Fire-quick transformation and Water-dreams, are the key elements that guide this time.

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Fire burns away what no longer serves us, and water cleans and washes away the old programs and patterns so that our dreams may move in to reality. In this moment we observe and sit in perfect balance between our inner and outer light and darkness. We accept and celebrate our Yin and Yang, and we embody a wholeness of BEING. We ignite the power and celebrate the coming days growing lighter and lighter, with new life and energy, as we move into the growing Spring Season.


Do you honor your power and wish to align and enrich it as we move into the season of renewal? Do you wish to shift into a new life? We will seek to manifest peace, love, and joy so that we collectively may manifest our dreams, whatever they may, be with grace and ease.
Join our Vernal Spring Equinox Ceremony and POWER UP!

Our Vernal Spring Equinox Event will include facilitation for access to your deep-heart-space, energy attunement, and a guided crystal-shamanic ceremony. We will end with a joyful, energetic, vibrational, dance party. We encourage dressing as your Mystic-self (costumes are optional), bring a bottle to share and we’ll see you there!

On The Evening of the Spring Equinox, Thursday, March 20th, 2014. Door opens at 8:30. Ceremony will begin at 9pm.

At SkyBaby Studio, 75 Main Street, Cold Spring. NY 10516

$20 per person, please pre-register at

Transformative Arts Master, Eliza Starbuck, mastered art of meditation while holding her deep-heart-space during rush hour at the centers of Grand Central and Times Square. A Mystic Crystal Master, Shaman, Fairy Godmother, and Cosmic Agent of the Divine, she works her magic to help empower individuals so that they may choose to live in joy, while following and manifesting their heart’s desires. Learn more About Eliza, here.
Follow her on Facebook: The Transformative Arts

Nadiya Nottingham Celtic Priestess, Qigong teacher, and Shamanic Healing Arts practitioner. As a Priestess of Bridget, Ireland’s triple goddess of the seasons Nadiya brings the wisdom of Celtic tradition to this Equinox Ceremony.
Learn more about Nadyia, here.


Galactic Sound Resonator, LeRoy Hankins, traveled to Earth in this lifetime to expand the evolution of this planet. Through his cosmic music, he vibrates with codes that clear and remove the programs that do not serve humanity, and sets new codes that balance, transform, and expand the energy of peace, love, and joy. His work is gentle, kind, and easily integrated into human and Earth’s energy fields. Experiencing his magic feels like being bathed in light and love.

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Skybaby Yoga Studio is the consciousness center of Cold Spring, NY, set in the center of town just off of Main St. Skybaby believes in the Power of Collective energy. The Power that one set of hands or one heart has to make a difference in the lives of our fellow humans. They hold space for the people in our community to grow and evolve spiritually as whole-complete beings. Learn more about Skybaby Studio, here.


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