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My name is Yaza Star and I am a Galactic Star Being here on Earth. I am here on a mission of service to support the evolution of the planet and humanity. This role has been to de-CON-struct the patterns and systems that create dis-harmony, or dis-ease, on the planet, and then to co-create a replacement pattern by imprinting a new paradigm on the Collective Consciousness vibration pool, thus shifting the planetary reality experienced. In terms of evolution, my job creates consciousness cohesion here on Earth, or stated differently, I usher in Unity Consciousness. I am, in every moment, co-creating replacement patterns to swap, which will seamlessly support all needs that were covered by the previous structure only in a more organized, consciously connected, higher vibrational way that supports the All. This is happening now.

I have been on here since the first elemental seeding and have played key roles as many different Ascended Masters throughout the many parallel civilization trajectories here on Earth. In each of these parallel realities, my role has been the same, even if the occupation, skill set, and learning curve has been adjusted to suit the lessons I must learn in order to fulfill my purpose in a given reality construct. Having already experienced all of those parallel realities, I hold the signature vibration, sacred geometry, and ancient knowledge in my being of all of my different parallel mastered selves.

In this lifetime, I am Eliza Asbury Starbuck. My training in this parallel universe has included uniting all of my parallel selves, mastering shape-shifting, learning the mechanisms and forces behind consumerism, and the re-introduction of sacred objects into everyday life through the scope of design and lifestyle. I am here to perform my tasks for planetary balance, support of human evolution, love, and abundance on Earth. I am grateful to experience humanity and life on Earth at this time.

I am also connected to a growing network of cosmic beings, like myself. These are awakened, enlightened, evolved, self-empowered beings and although we all have our own specific individual contracts, we join in friendship, and brotherhood  and sisterhood with common goals and missions that support the All. As the global patterns are swapped out and replaced, the consciousness and reality of every human being will thus be touched and shifted into greater Unity.

I love our beloved Earth and all the life that exists here in its great diversity. It is my honor and greatest joy that this mission shall be fulfilled and completed within this lifetime of Eliza Starbuck.

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