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On the day of the 2012 Winter Solstice, I had my sister cut all of my hair off. She looked at me and said, “It’s going to be ugly.” I paused and remembered the many lifetimes and many parallel worlds and histories where this or other similar acts had been done by myself and many other women. It had often been mistaken by others as repentance of some form of self abuse. It is not. It is a process that some have used to step into the Power of the Feminine Divine Spirit which lays in us all.

My response to my sisters comment was, “Thanks. I don’t care. Cut it off. It must be done.” And it was. I once again feel I resemble my true self without distraction. This is the cleanest representation of myself, no illusions, no smoke, no mirrors. A clean slate. Thank you so much for the cut, Sister, this is a miraculous difference. The hair may grow back, but I feel very different in this singular act.

A woman’s power does not lie in her beauty or style, her body shape, hairstyle, her skin, her allure or her decoration. It lies inside HERSELF, in her ability to connect to the world, to be completely honest and forthright in the way that she represents herself, to look at the world with absolute and total love, to forgive things, people, and situations, and herself for ever appearing imperfect, to accept the world as a beautiful place, to refuse to accept that which is unacceptable in her beautiful world, and to accept herself as a powerful being in her ability to shape the world on her perceptions and visions.

I needed to wipe the slate clean as I stepped into this new world we are creating. I am not suggesting that anyone else go out and chop their hair off necessarily, but I do offer that you OWN IT, in whatever form YOU may be. We are POWERFUL in all that we are. We must love ourselves in all that we are.

This article was sent to me by a dear friend, and really put this information into scope for me. I hope it resonates with you as well.



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