Strange and unusual tales from a multi-dimensional point of view.


Where I live, it’s a 17 year cycle cicada year which means these little guys are crawling out of the Earth in droves: shedding their skin all over the place, going up into the trees to multiply, falling out of the trees as they dye, and then when their babies hatch, they crawl back into the earth for a nice little 17 year developmental rest.


I for my part of this natural cycle have been collecting them by the bin-full and feeding them to my chickens. I gather that this is not something that most people do, (with or without pet chickens), otherwise I would hear more about it. Outside of the obvious insectophobias that tend to run throughout Western society keeping people from picking up or collecting these bugs, I’m beginning to understand why people might choose not do this. Cicadas are insane.

Not that I don’t recommend it, but since I first started collecting the cicadas, I have been seeing bugs EVERYWHERE. I look on the ground, I see bugs. I look at the trees, I see bugs. My neighbor’s house is having an epidemic of carpenter ants in their woodwork! Without thinking about it, I watched “A Bug’s Life” with my 3 year old yesterday (an excellent parable about shifting the paradigm of the powers that be). I close my eyes, I see bugs. I look at energy fields, I SEE BUGS. This is ridiculous. What the hell is going on here?


This guy best resembles what I am sensing all around me on multiple dimensions. I cannot accept that everything around me is literally filled with bugs without wondering if they’re emerging from their hiding places for some deeper reason. Naturally, I have to get philosophical at this point (my brain needs a job). Everything has 3 meanings, so what is the meaning of all this bugginess?!?

To me, they resemble something closer to programing devices set to go off like a clock (a 17 year clock to be exact), in order to carry out some pre-devised plan after which they literally self destruct, re-boot, and upgrade themselves. What the purpose of this plan is, I am not entirely sure, but seeing that they only come out on prime number years, anyone who likes math gets a sense that there’s something else going on here. (Perhaps a divine plan to the program in it’s effort to support life here on the planet? Just saying.)


I’ve looked hard and long into a cicada’s red, beady eyes before feeding it to the hens and I can comfortably say, these are NOT sentient beings. The bugs I’m finding in energy fields? Like the dead cicada shells littering my forest floors, they appear to be covering everything with an energetic litter. They’re the bugs in the programs at the end of their cycle, and they’re coming up and asking to be released and cleaned out because their programs no longer function to support the system. Their time is up. When I find them in energetic bodies I activate a de-bugging program, turn on an energetic vacuum cleaner, and let them clear out. At the end of the day, everything is energy. Keeping the natural balance is key.


And since we are all a part of Everything else, I have to ask (read: I’ve trained myself to ask), are the bugs in me or just another part of me? Are they molting, dying, and regenerating, or am I? Or rather, are WE?

After what we experienced last month (Lauren Gorgo describes this so eloquently in her blog’s 5D Report), with the great 3 eclipse sandwich, which pretty much dismantled us, but good, (and hopefully we were conscious enough to be present for our own rebirth), I think what we are experiencing now is the metaphysical shedding of the skin and emergence with the new operating system, OS-5D. We are so close to driving this new manifestation-dream machine.

So here we are, the week of the June 2013 Summer Solstice (which just happens to also be landing on a full moon, holy f#%k!). Is this significant, you better bet your sweet ass it is. Get ready kiddles and villies, we’re ready to take full responsibility for EVERYTHING that shows up in front of us. No victims, no villians, no accidents, no excuses. We made this happen, we’ve got the vision, we’ve got the power, (and hopefully we’ve got enough presence to BE PRESENT!). Power crystals up. Now let’s own it and have some fun in the process.

Cicada hunting, anyone?


  1. hertzmich
    June 19, 2013

    Very profound insight on many levels!

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