Strange and unusual tales from a multi-dimensional point of view.



What a strange month it has been! The photo above is the best illustration I could find to describe how everything has felt all month. I thought we were supposed to have transcended POLARITY, and yet more than ever, symbols of duality, the Dark Side, and “those who must not be named” started showing up in my daily conversations and interactions with people, in the literal 3D, and even in my multidimensional 3rd eye visions. The symbols of my polarity constructs? Men and Reptiles (sorry to lump you guys together, just how it showed up for ME, not that there is anything wrong with men or reptiles).



I had a man that I run into around my community ask me to play the “witch” role (again) by asking me to clear the ghosts from his family’s house. A simple enough task, and I’m pretty sure I could perform it, but the social and emotional implications of this interaction were riddled with complications. Generally speaking, this fellow and I have very little in common, but we have a really strange connection through a mutual friend that points to an oddly fated chance of us meeting one way or another, and he is always fascinated by my interest in mysticism. Already too many connections and coincidences. This scene was set up as if we were playing out a movie script.

This is also a guy who can’t seem to prevent himself from making sexual fantasy comments every time I have a 5 minute conversation with him. Example:

ME: I was up to my elbows in mud, digging.


HIM (eagerly): Where you covered in mud… like, in a bikini?


ME (flatly): It wasn’t that kind of a party.

In addition, every time this fellow and I get into any conversation of depth, his wife shoots darts at me with her eyes. While I pondered this proposal, I simultaneously watched tv-like visions from my 3rd eye of past, present, and future lives with the same dude dropping snakes on me in Ancient Egypt, and setting the whole town on me during the Salem Witch Trials, and myself becoming the center of small town gossip for mystic-quackery in the present. No thank you, I’ll pass. Incidentally, his oldest son is obsessed with snakes and this dad wants to set up some play-dates with my daughter. We’ll politely have to decline on that one too. Do I feel guilty for the “sorry, why are you being so cold to me, what did I do?” glances this guy gave me when I refused to interact with him the next few times I ran into him at 3 year old birthday parties around town and the likes? Hardly. Does this mean he’s a terrible person? Not at all, he’s just helping me out by playing a role I needed to see so I could address this little pattern I had been ignoring. Thanks guy, sorry you had to do it, it’s nothing personal, but thank you none the less. I’m curious to see how he shows up next time I see him, if that happens.

PROGRAM #1: Victim-Hero role play. Getting caught playing a Polarizing Role (the witch) under the desire (pretense) of “accepting abundance” or “helping others” who are in need of your “powerful skills” (yeah right).

Rule of thumb: if there are polarizing conflicts involved, don’t get involved. It’s a trap.

PROGRAM #2: Allowing someone in my world to continue to act as an Aggressor. Openly sexualizing females, and feeding the “female program” is abusive to all women (including his wife), and he does this under the false guise of being “the friendly guy”.

Appropriate Response: Do not allow anyone to be a repeat offender of Aggressor behavior in your reality. State clearly, (it does not matter whether or not they are present for this), that their behavior is not acceptable, appropriate or worthy of your friendship and refuse to interact with the person until they have transformed the pattern of their behavior. (How will you tell? If they don’t disappear in 2 puffs of smoke, they might have to show up as a new person entirely. Totally a probable option.)



In another interaction, a close, trusted, light-worker friend of mine, was kind enough (or just comfortable enough) to freely reveal a side of his, (mine? Okay, OURS) that I had been working very hard not to acknowledge. This is someone who in the past I had accredited to saving my life when I was really in the depths of despair and playing out a “victim of vampirism” role. He had played Hero to my victim. Now he was calling for my work on him in the form of an energy exchange. My ego was enjoying the idea that I was needed, useful, and helpful (watch out!) to this friend who I felt indebted to (it’s a 2 person karma trap!).

However, I had been avoiding some other key issues in my consciousness around our relationship construct out of fear that I was being self righteous, or abusive by noticing unkind patterns in someone who had helped me for so long. Hmmm, something’s wrong with that statement. I also was having a hard time telling the difference between his energy, and his programs and patterns, vs. mine, vs. the collective OURS. What were we working on exactly? Quantum entanglement. Most recently, out of my curiosity, and honesty, I had mentioned to him several things that I had noticed in working with his energy field.

1) ME: Did you know you have kind of a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on? I mean some weeks your energy is Saintly, other weeks you’re really DARK. (He laughed.)

2) ME: Did you know it felt like you just (energetically) gave me big blond curly hair? (His response: “I had such a crush on you when you had your blond hair.” Crap?)

3) ME: Do you ever feel like anyone is taking advantage of you (through dependancy) as a “therapist”? ( His response: “Interesting question, the thought never crossed my mind. No.” Safe enough?)

4) ME: I’ve noticed that my body increasingly hurts throughout the day on the days that we are planned to meet. (His response: “Perhaps your body is reacting in anticipation and bringing stuff up for release.” Maybe?)

5) ME: I have a hard time telling whether I’m working on you or I’m working on me. I’m following my intuition with the intention of working on you, but I honestly can’t tell the difference between your “stuff” and mine. (Uh-oh, that’s quantum entanglement).

6) Hmmm, it appears your giving hand (right) has a much stronger flow than your taking hand (left).

Holy fuck, I should never have said THAT. There is a strong possibility I was projecting all this onto him, and for that I am truly sorry. However, right after I pointed out that his taking hand was weak, he proved me dead wrong. He gave me a hug that felt something like being strangled by a boa constrictor. I felt dead, sucked, limp… My bad. Did I create this? I’m entirely open to that possibility. But, either way, that was the end of that. Right. No trades especially with anyone who ever looks like a Jekyll Hyde type. Check.

Again, not that my friend is a snake, I just had a lesson to learn, and he was the one who showed up to present it. Thank you for that, sorry you had to be the one to play this out for me.

PROGRAM #1(again): Victim-hero, same as illustrated in the above “witch episode”. For every hero, there must be a victim to save. Remember that and don’t go there.

PROGRAM #3: Value confusion. Trades are a bad idea. Set your standard price for everyone, charge it, and if someone has a skill you wish to experience, pay them for it. That way there is no confusion about the value of what is being given and received.

Rule of Thumb: Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to question your value in terms of giving and receiving. Agree upon a price, and stick to it or adjust it as necessary through renegotiation.

PROGRAM #4: Giving your power away doesn’t help anyone. It creates quantum entangling, energetic ties, karmic debts, and leaves you everyone feeling abused. Even if you chose or agreed to give it away to someone who needed it more than you do, why would you choose to experience an energetic loss?

Appropriate Precautions: Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re helping anyone, they know and choose to flow their energy as they wish, don’t meddle or you might get bitten by someone choosing to experience that.


Next, frogs and snakes. In one week I saw about 10 giant bull frogs, and 6 snakes in the grass and water. Granted, it’s just that time of year, and little itty bitty frogs and snakes I can take. But this all while in the depths of contemplating my own above two “snakes in the grass”. Just another visual on my “stuff”.

TAKE NOTICE! The Universe is communicating to you at ALL times. Everything in your visual world are the signs of this. The sooner you pick up on these things in your visual scope, (feeling scope, emotional scope, physical scope, psychic scope, intuitive scope, etc.) and stop ignoring them, the sooner you can respond appropriately to a pattern begging for your attention.



One of my very closest lady friends calls me and says “This day has been all wrong up and down. Even my husband felt it before work and didn’t want to go to work today because of it. I texted him and said, “It’s okay, soon we’ll be out of this misery and the world will be over and the dinosaurs can rule the earth again.” !!! I stopped her right there and said, “NO! The dinosaurs CANNOT RULE THE EARTH ever again! Let’s get that straight!” Just a reminder…

PROGRAM #5: EARTH SUCKS, get me off this fucking planet!!! This is the program, not the truth. The truth is, Earth is exactly what we have made of it, so if it sucks today, especially in the midst of all of these insane, fucked up programs showing up and begging to be released (most likely in the form of people acting insane, physical pain, emotional trauma, and general dis-ease), it’s because WE MADE IT THIS WAY.

Need to Know: Realize that the sooner you release the little fuckers darlings, (who are only appearing at your request that they no longer exist. Don’t you know, you have to release them if you want them to go away?), gently, by processing your fears around them and expanding them with love, kindness, and laughter, the sooner Earth will no longer suck and you will get to actually experience PEACE ON EARTH. It can happen, I swear it (oh fuck, I shouldn’t swear about this stuff)!



This guy REALLY pisses me off. Okay, so I’m sitting on the train going home when suddenly I see in (4D?) my third eye vision, 2 Geico Gecko looking lizards about 5′ tall walk into the train car I’m sitting in. They move and act kind of like the velosiraptors in Jarasic Park, and I am honestly freaked out. Holy fuck, what do I do? Should I duck so they don’t zap me with a ray gun??? Then I stop myself. This is ridiculous. They’re not even real. I’m the only one in this car that sees them, so that means they cannot do anything here in the 3D because they’re in the 4D (see how we make up ridiculous rules as we go?). So now my fear of death and body snatching by Reptilians is over, and I ask myself, what should I do about these guys? I remember Inealia Benz’s fear processing techniques, my friend Donna’s deep heart practice, Meg Benevicte’s surround yourself with your “team” and tornado spiral, and my own personal “Love Blasting” technique (I can’t help it, I love blowing shit up). I drop into my heart, let the waves expand, and I send blasting love rays at them and they’re blown out of the train. Then I say in my mind, “It’s you guys who are going to need your silly insurance!” About 10 minutes later it’s time to go. I get up, turn around, and walk to the exit door behind me, and guess what I see?

Inline image 1


PROGRAM #6: The Dark Forces of EVIL are upon us. Want to experience polarity? Start buying into the concept that there are Evil Lizards that came from a Dark Universe that snuck into our lovely Light Universe and started to manipulate the 3D reality game board and play chess with human pawns. What a downer. This is NOT REAL (unless you make it so). This also feeds back up to PROGRAM #1: Victim- Hero role playing. If you start imagining that you are a hero, or that the world needs saving from some huge evil forces, then you will have to play this one out. I hope you’ve studied Harrison Ford in Star Wars carefully before going there.

The Responsible Action: How about decide that this whole “Dark Side” thing is pure fantasy so that you can imagine yourself a big wonderful hero. Sure, fantasize, play, imagine away. Just don’t let it get out of hand. And if it does, and you start to see “things”, whether crows are circling your house (it happens sometimes), or bugs start to swarm and dive bombing you (I hate when that happens), or you witness a raccoon murdering your chickens in the dead of the night (what a nightmare), or snakes cross your path every day for a week (that’s a bit unnerving), or even giant lizards start stalking you on the train (let’s hope it never goes there), I highly suggest taking the Harry Potter Ridikkulos Spell quite seriously.


Go ahead, (briefly), accept that what is happening all around us is quite fucked up and insane. World atrocities are being exposed, Nuclear Power is on the brink of disaster, Fracking is showing up in people’s back yards, Republicans still exist. Upon re-reading Lauren Gorgo’s June 5D Report, and reviewing the month I had just witnessed, my first thought was, “Did I mess up and miss the boat somehow?” Next thought, “No you dope. You make the rules. You only miss the boat if you send your boat off without your sorry ass on it.” Okay, correction. I may be an ass, but  at least not that sorry of an ass, so, no, I did not miss the boat.

Regardless of how many charitable funds I donated to, or how many petitions I signed for the best of causes, how many meditation hours I put in, how many self help books I’ve read, how ascended or enlightened I’ve become via the internet’s wonderful network of lightworking e-courses, all of this is not actually happening to me, or you. It’s happening to ALL OF US. Our work on ourselves has been necessary and I’m sure (though we’ll never know how much) has made this transition somewhat less terrifying for the whole, and our work on ourselves will continue to be necessary if not unavoidable. But at this point, we actually are crossing over into the great promised UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS of 5D, therefore, if your neighbor has bugs, you’ve got bugs. Ug, okay, just embrace the concept of quantum entanglement and don’t blame ANYONE (yourself included). The shit has to become exposed for the solutions to pop up, and popping up they are. For every bad story we read in the news, there seems to be a new miracle in technology being discovered that will solve humanities woes, or a new law that supports freedom (eg. Gay marriage) for humanity’s betterment on Earth. Things are changing. Believe in the process.

Thankfully, upon reading Lauren’s July 5D Report, I am again reassured, this is all a part of the plan and process. I know I cannot stake my faith on anyone’s reports at this point (we learned that as illustrated throughout all of religion), but she doesn’t even seem to stake much faith on her epic reports either, so I can somehow relate to them and it’s reassuring to know others are feeling something relatable to what I’m WE’RE going through (read, okay, I’m not actually going CRAZY).

All I can say is that all the rules have changed between 3D and 5D, that much I am quite sure of. I’m still trying to figure out how to play, but making it up, including making up the rules as you go, seems to be the primary rule at hand.  Second rule of thumb that I’ve noticed workes wonders in the 5D is drop all judgement. Not that you can’t swear and cuss when fucked up shit appears before you, because, at least in my strange world, it still is working it out. Just make sure you’re laughing while you’re cussing the thing out. Just know, if something shows up that you want so badly to judge, sit on it. Do not respond to it, give it as little attention as possible if it doesn’t appear to be going away after your efforts in processing it. Trust me, judgement will only give the beast fangs. Be careful about what you make up. As one friend of mine expertly stated, “VIGILANCE IS NECESSARY.” Indeed. Chain me up or chain that thing up, but I suggest doing some yoga while the thing in the corner works itself out.

article-1368200-0B43F5D700000578-552_468x477Today, the time is NOW. And finally, my mind is oddly at ease. Where is the darkness? I don’t care and neither do I miss it.  Hmmm. What does the planet look like from this point of view? It’s mine (and yours, and OURS) to create. Let’s PLAY!

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