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wintersolstice_pivato_bigEvery year for eons, the people of Earth have been celebrating the darkest and longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. This day represents the turn from darkness back towards the light, the return of life from death, and for those who follow Astrology, its the true New Year’s Eve of every year. Beautiful symbolism, but what does it mean and how is the Winter Solstice relevant to those of us who live in our modern civilization?

Life is ebb and flow no matter what Age you live in. Shit happens and then sometimes life is absolutely lovely. However, consciousness has the ability to connect to energy and harness or influence the outcomes of all possibilities. Giving ourselves the time to reflect on our beliefs, our programs, our patterns, and our habits allows us the ability evaluate our responses and reactions, to edit and delete the old, unwanted, and useless patterns within us from a position of neutrality. And on a day where our side of the the world is experiencing an exceptional amount of darkness, one has a fine opportunity to consciously choose to shed the old and set up the energy for the new.

IMG_7846However, there is another part of it that is a key to harnessing the energy of the Winter Solstice: gathering and connecting together in a circle has always been a part of this human celebration. Why? Because it is much easier and more powerful to raise our energy in a circular group, consciously, together, than it is to do it alone or in a group that is disconnected. The energy behind one person’s consciousness is powerful, but take that one person and have them connect to another conscious being and you’ve just multiplied their energy by 10 to the 2nd power. With every additional person connecting to the group, the energy is grown and multiplied by 10 to the power of the number of people there, which grows much faster than basic addition of one being unconscious next to another being unconscious. Which is why it feels so so good to circle up and why magical and wonderful things happen for groups of people who gather in circles…

teamworkAnd why it’s rare that anything magical or thrilling ever happens in a crowded elevator…

P1140984The Winter Solstice is an awesome opportunity to step out of the elevator of modern society and into the circle of conscious human power. To take this time to connect to and be co-supported by our community while we as individuals consciously choose to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us. This is not only helpful to each of us individually but this practice of connecting and harnessing our unified energy is necessary if we are to shift anything major on this planet. And in turn, by participating, you support your community’s growth and connection into greater happiness, beauty, and joy, as individuals and all together in Unity.

This year, I am working with my town’s center of consciousness, SkyBaby Studio, to offer a Winter Solstice Celebration with ceremonies that incorporate what I have named The Transformative Arts.

The Transformative Arts are a collection of modalities, philosophies, studies, exercises, mind games, mystical practices and connection to energy grids, that are based upon holding the deep-heart-transformative-space that allow one to transform their current reality and circumstance rapidly. The only rule is: there are no rules. Its based on practices that many people do every day: stay in your heart as long and as often as you can, and make up rules as often as you can break them. Humor is taken very seriously, and seriousness is always laughed at. The imagination is both King and Queen, and generally speaking if you can imagine it, and if you can believe it, then you will experience it.


Image by Alex Grey

In practical applications, The Transformative Arts provides one with an opportunity to experience many possible realities or outcomes without physically going through any of them, which in turn allow you the opportunity to choose your reality as you feel would best serve, then it supports the putting into place the energetic grids that initiate the physical manifestation of the actions that will get you there. The Transformative Arts also allows one to get out of the way long enough so that we can experience the energetic flow in our lives (as in just go with the flow), and so that we don’t have to plan ahead so much as just to allow things to unfold for us.

1479110_1414169128818013_758500228_nWhen I apply the Transformative Arts to the Winter Solstice, I take inventory on the symbolism at hand and choose to invert it. Simply put, I don’t like the rules presented (and socially accepted) around duality, so I choose to change them. Darkest day? I suggest we shine like the sun. Embody the most powerful Archetype you feel connected to. Paradox between light and dark, sun and moon, the masculine and feminine energy? Mix the opposites and create a powerful soup of energy to bath in so that one can have access to both the dark and the light, the Sun and the Moon, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, whenever either (or both) are needed, and upon command. Feeling like going into hibernation as the sun disappears and the cold of winter commences? Dance to joyful music until your body vibrates with life and energy.

If you choose to, you can imprint the entire upcoming year on the Winter Solstice with strong, powerful, joyful energy, and then you can sit back and enjoy every moment of every day in the present as it happens. It’s kind of like laying the tracks for your very own train (or a rollercoaster if you prefer more action and drama), vs. sitting in your car waiting for a traffic jam (or an accident, if you prefer more action and drama). The difference is choosing to have a conscious path to ride upon vs. feeling separated from everything and like life is “happening to you”. Which do you prefer?

Either way, you’re invited to join us remotely or in person, in any dimension you wish to show up through. This is going to be one awesome dance party!

Winter Solstice 2013 flier simple color draft

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