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This week I received a package in the mail from one of my dearest friends, Amy DuFault, and I was so busy with work, I did not have time to open it before 4:20am, 5 days later!

Now that I’ve had a chance to put the proper attention to the package I had received, I was so happy to receive and to be a part of Amy’s  ‘The Tailor Project‘ and am honored to be her friend. I love you, Amy D.

photo (7)

This gorgeous merino wool tee shirt she sent me is almost too fine to destroy, but it IS a t-shirt, and I WILL DESTROY IT. I happen to need a flower-like loin-cloth for my Solstice-Dance-Party-Ceremony.


I will also need some beet, pinks, and flower pigments from Kathy Hattori’s Botanical Colors, magical non-toxic fabric dyes made from organic materials and flowers (which will not make my skin itch and burn the way Rit Dye does). Is this something you can help me with, Universe and ALL powers that be?!? We’ve got until June 21st to make this happen!

So why the delay in opening this magnificent gift of a package and why haven’t there been any posts here since April??? Where’ve you been Eliza?!? Let me just tell you. I’ve spent a month and a week now working in Times Square, with Sunday’s devoted to community service at my local craft fair, Bizarre-on-Hudson. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!? Anyone know what human-robots look like?

gemanoid_468x312 I DO. They look just like the rest of us except there is NOTHING behind their eyes. At first, I called it my “Corporate Sponsorship”, and so it is. Welcome to Times Square: the Sacred Temple of Corporate America!


Please kill me now. This is kind of like getting kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roberts and told I’ll be killed in the morning.


Okay, the Dread Pirate Roberts IS kinda hot. Next up on the daily exercise routine- being fed poison to see if I can grow tolerance and withstand torture, while watching millions of people walk by me, also being tortured but not seeming to mind so much- and oddly, I think they almost like it (must be robots who else can stand this kind of torture and act “normal” about it). Then I go home to have my ass kicked by Batman, who is also kinda hot, who also makes me do push-ups for at least an hour a day, though he’d like me to be pushing up 5-8 hours a day. Then, in my sleep, I am attacked by demons who would like me to kill myself…

Eating Icecream at the end of the evening is the reward for all my awesome, hard work. 259932_10150226151731165_7466282_nIce-cream, you can suck it! I’m SO not that girl any longer. I’m reviewing my contracts and renegotiating the terms. Um, being paid in icecream and hamburgers is REALLY not going to do it for me at this point.

Okay, okay, it’s not really that bad. Actually TRUE LOVE is the reward at the end of this outrageous rainbow, and I get to feel that every day.



Friday 13th, 2014 (that’s this Friday for all those of us who have lost track of all time and space), at about 12:12am, is the peak of the Full moon, and my strange, trippy friend, Neptune will be in his house of Pisces. I anticipate complete chaos, confusion, and outrageous magic (on the part of myself and all in those in my massive, ligh-working network) to occur on that day. It is a day for dismantling the human collective and re-building it up again.

photo (6)

​CAN YOU DIG IT?!? I think it also might be the beginning of the creation of my Ceremonial loin-cloth (out of The Tailor Project’s tee-shirt) for the Summer Solstice, as well. Will anyone want to have it after I’ve had my way with it on the dance floor on THAT night?!? Unlikely. But seeing that it is the object of a strange and unusual, upcycling-chain-love-letter, Deborah Alden look out- you’re next in line for this sweet, sexy tee-shirt creation!  It will have some stories to tell! However, what is left of the tee shirt might smell like sweat, roses, and lang-lang oil! (Okay sorry, I cannot help it, the further into the pit of Times Square I go, the dirtier I get)! PERFUME. IS. NECESSARY.

The Summer Solstice is going to be a Divine Love Revolution. Leave the kids at home, unless you’re one of those households, in which case, bring ’em along and they can help blast rainbows! (Mine will be there). It’s the brightest day of the year- Earth’s North Pole will be exposed to, activated, and charged with 24 hours of the Sun’s potent, radiant-power and energy-frequencies. This energy will be juicy, sexy, full of abundance and fertility and it will be on board of our Earth party-boat. Watch out! Don’t get pregnant (or do)!

By the end of the day, I will have walked the Labyrinth, plunged into the depths of a Pleiadian seed-lake, and smelled ALL THE ROSES of Boscobel.


Don’t think for a moment that I am kidding you. 

From the evening on, our Summer Solstice Ceremonial Dance Party at SkyBaby Yoga Studio in Cold Spring Village, NY, will commence, where my crew and I will bathe our entire town and the whole Earth (and maybe some of outer-space when spillage occurs), in LOVE-SPACE-MEDITATION ENERGY that will turn everyone’s Divinity on HIGH. WE ARE NOT FUCKING AROUND HERE!

Solstice Flier

So, if you’re brave enough, maybe I’ll see you out in the Astro-plains this Friday, under the Strawberry Moon. It is likely that on the Summer Solstice we will ALL experience a 24 hour love explosion in our hearts- at least, that is, all of us who know what “ALL THAT IS” feels like when it’s coming into us. Just saying, anything is possible. 

Big Love!


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