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I guess there really is something to the concept of April Fools Day, because the theme of the week seems to be heavily coded with “trickster” energy. Between that and the Mercury energy flying around, this week has been rather wild! Okay, so, I know my last article was rather much. I seriously was showing off and enjoying it in that video, parading like a peacock, wearing my most outrageous bling, even. I admit, I AM AN UTTER AND TOTAL HAM. But, I couldn’t help myself; it was just too funny of a “trickster” prank on the “Powers that BE no longer.” I had to share it! What a fool, and way to call the “trickster” energy hither. Oh boy, here we go again. Time for more lessons.

So what is a “trickster”? Well, there are many different forms of “trickster,” but shifty would be the primary form that you have to look out for. One minute you’re having fun, the next minute the walls are caving in and you’re remembering all the ways you went wrong in oh so many past lives. Eeeek! NOTE TO SELF: TRICKSTER TURNS THE AUTO REPLAY ON FOR ALL OUR WORST MOMENTS IN HISTORY! Hmmm. Gotta pause and feel into this one; it’s tricky.

There is an opportunity here, but it’ll getcha if you’re not diligent! So how does “trickster” energy show up? “Trickster” can play on both sides of the Force, jumping back and forth. In ourselves, it can turn a loving, sweet-hearted lightworker into a proudtalkin’ power thief (it happens to the best of us sometimes), and it can turn a cold-hearted, murderous, dirty, bank robber into a generous Robin Hood who helps to redistribute the gold back to the people (I call this community service, A.K.A. paying off those old Karma debts). Thank you “trickster;” you teach us so many lessons.

In the “physical” (3D) world, “trickster” energy is running rampant as the Collective Consciousness’ Matrix of Black Hole programs are loudly and unceremoniously in their final throes of death. These are played out this month in some not-so-subtle, rather unbelievable melodramas in the news, in politics, expressed by activists, in the weather, in outer-space, and by any suspecting or unsuspecting fools (like me) willing to play.  How do you recognize it? It’s heavily fear-based, or totally outrageous; in short, it gets you all worked up. Example, google Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s face, and see what you find.



This guy seriously cracks me up! Currently in the News Media Matrix there seems to be an attempt on creating a replay of the Cold War program with Russia. Putin is being portrayed as the villain character in the plot. Do you believe this?!? I’m just not so sure. The 3D construct of Putin may not be doing completely awesome stuff, but at the same time he’s one of the few world leaders who have openly acknowledged the presence of the ET community on Earth, and who has openly admitted that the world’s leaders have been attempting to play God by applying global weather control methods (something along the lines of what the Matrix calls “chem trails”)  to cancel “Global Warming” while all the other nations’ rulers deny, deny, deny it. Hmmm, now why would the American news media want to paint Putin as a bad guy, do you think? What he “did” in Ukraine, I think is a reflection of the human collective consciousness accepting the matrix media’s “Putin is bad” program; therefore, Putin must show up as a bad guy. Would anyone else like to skip the instant replay of the Cold War?

This guy? Bad?!? Come on, he freaking swims with dolphins! For God’s sake, give the guy a break!


It’s all a trickster-game, not REAL, at least it’s not real in more than 2 dimensions (3D and 4D). Feel it from 5D or above, or just from your heart for that matter, and it does not exist. NOT REAL!

Frankly, I’m not sure what to believe in the 3D anymore. This stuff all looks like trickster-fear-programs in the Matrix trying to get the masses upset enough to support another war. Fuck that. I like Putin, I like Obama too. Hell, I’ll even like the military. I tried to get the storm troopers that were circling me in Grand Central to meditate with me, it was HILARIOUS! They wanted to, and they almost started to laugh, but they were too scared they’d get into trouble with their higher ups to allow themselves to play with me. Honestly, I like EVERYONE, and that in itself dispels “trickster” energy.

By the way, no one is allowed to pull this “trickster”-bullshit in my world, and I’m not going to take it any longer. Remember this?

That did a pretty good job with many of the sexual harassment programs running through the Collective Consciousness. Same rules apply with anything you don’t like in the reality Matrix. Repeat after me:

“No- That’s called “trickster”-bullshit, and I don’t have to take it any longer!”

We have to say this mantra from our hearts when the fear-programs play out for our reactions. Let it echo out loudly (or softly if you like) into the Collective Consciousness. Then giggle or laugh in its face, and that should just about shove the fear-mongering “tricksters” off the cliff. Let go of your command, and see what happens. This is the only way I know to cancel the B.S., false information fear-channels on this planet. Don’t engage, and certainly don’t believe the hype that the news media is spoon feeding the public! And I don’t just mean FOX news; quite frankly, the activist channels and websites are just as bad as FOX. I’ve seen and been an activist turned tyrant, and it ain’t pretty. Quit with the fucking petitions already. We already decided; WE DON’T LIKE FEAR PUSHERS OR VICTIM CONSTRUCTS.

So, from now on, we can either play in fear or get good at playing WITH fear (as in “I’m gonna get you sucker!”). But only if that’s your style. You might be the quiet, stealth-bomber type, whom “trickster” energy can’t even find… That’s probably a smarter way to go, but only if that’s how you roll. As long as you’re having fun, and you’re the one who’s deciding the programs you’re going to vibrate with. If you’re not choosing the channel, then the channel is playing you.

Now what happens when you finally get yourself empowered, and you’re feeling all high and good, shining love all over the place, blasting your rainbows and you start to show off, opening yourself up to invite “trickster” energy in. Believe me, as an expert “show off” I know what kind of trouble one can get into. I had another kid call me a “proudtalker” when I was 8 and it’s stuck with me since. This is the kiss of KARMA calling; will we take the bait? Depends on how hungry for attention, or money, or power we still feel after 5,000+ years of repression, and how diligent we are at watching for the “trickster” energy which can jump into ANYONE at ANY TIME. And if you are someone like me, practicing the Transformative Arts, and feeling into the Collective Conscious where the “trickster” energy is flying around, it might look a lot like this:

I just hope the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man isn’t on his way. Watch out kiddles and villies, or you’ll be turned into Zool by the “trickster’ that’s hiding in your refrigerator (or somewhere else you least expect it)! But remember, before Dana was turned into a demi-demon, she was warned when she saw the gorilla-dogs running around a power pyramid in the fridge. That should have been the first cue to either exterminate the ghosts (AKA TAKE THE HIGH ROAD, GHOSTBUSTERS LOVE BLASTER STYLE) or get the fuck out (AKA, TAKE THE LOW ROAD, ALL QUIET LIKE). Either road is fine, as long as you take a road, be nimble, and move fast. Don’t sit there like a dumb-dumb sucking on a lollypop, ready and willing to be possessed by “trickster” energy.


Take note, be aware, “trickster” energy gives you plenty of hints before it full-on gets you.

Now, how to cancel it? It is always a fine line between being a Robin-Hood “trickster” and becoming the Wall Street-Huckster “trickster.” Trust me, I can barely help myself sometimes. It’s fun to be tricky and get away with ridiculous “trickster” stunts, like cracking the ABUNDANCE CODES in the Collective Consciousness wide open, especially if gratitude and freedom for ALL is the reward. But if you’re going to take the high and showy road (and for some folks, myself included, modeling themselves proud and loud is necessary), then diligence is also necessary! Continue to ask yourself: what is my reward? If it’s baited with something that is consumable, like money, or someone else’s time and attention, well then, you’re walking right into a “trickster” trap. Watch out! You’re about to turn a karmic broken-record back on again.

We are ALL that we perceive, so if we perceive “trickster” energy, we are the “tricksters”… until we do not perceive it any longer (by the way, blasting love-rainbows out of your chest is an excellent solution to get you there).

So, don’t judge the “trickster” energy, lest you get entangled with it. Just notice it, and watch yourself. That is the magic- that is the alchemy. Is it foolish to play with it? I don’t know; I play with EVERYTHING until there’s nothing left to play with. Hmmm, certainly I’ve stepped into “trickster’ energy puddles and gotten wet and messy that way. I’ve also learned a lot by getting stuck in “stuff” that isn’t exactly pretty. I’ve learned how to get un-stuck for one thing, and I’ve learned how to un-stick others, for another. This is useful.

And in the present, we need people who are good at getting un-stuck and un-sticking others, EVERYWHERE. Are you ready? Are you willing? Can you lead the way for those who still haven’t a clue and are being led blindly by a “trickster” Matrix? Do we actually believe that there’s anyone left who hasn’t a clue about what they’ve agreed, consented, or accepted to play out in their lives? NAH! I don’t believe in that.

So what about the concept of World Leaders? I remember having a conversation with one of my mentors, Donna Cerame, about the concept of “LEADERS,” because Leader to me is a self-empowered, highly functioning being who models and exemplifies themselves and is working for evolution on this planet. But the issue with the word “LEADER”, as my friend Micheal Brownstein pointed out to me, is that it would suggest some kind of hierarchy- a belief system or program that would assume that there are still people out there who choose to be led. I’m not so sure I want to vibrate with that program; I just want to vibrate with rainbows and love hearts. But people seem to notice when I do that (and again, I’m a total HAM, so I do it in a rather flamboyant fashion), and suddenly you get folks drinking the rainbow Kool-aid, and that’s cool with me as long as they’re vibrating with rainbows and love hearts along with me. If I were to be a leader of any sort (and I’m not saying that I am at all), then I would want to be the leader of rainbows and love hearts- ALL THE WAY. Perhaps guide is a better term.

“May I guide you into the land of rainbows and love hearts?”

The point is, I think anyone can be a “leader” or “guide” if they so choose to take on that kind of responsibility. It takes a huge amount of responsibility to be a guide or a leader. What if you stumble or trip into “trickster” replay energy and everyone stumbles and trips with you? That would not be so awesome. The more empowered we get, the more careful we must be. Careful about what? Careful to encourage people NOT TO FOLLOW BLINDLY, not to take any bait, get greedy, or take that which is not given freely. It is not easy to be so responsible. I wonder why, and we see with the players who assume “Leadership” titles today, downward tripping happens quite easily. How about because we’re all HUMAN, for one thing. One would think gratitude would be the feeling that resonates and ripples through our leaders for the kind of power they wield. Power is a gift; I don’t think it stays with folks who are not gracious. So, are they really LEADERS or is our collective “concept” of “leaders” actually one of victims? I must admit, I often feel sorry for Presidents. They get blamed for everything, in which case, in my construct, our leaders ARE being victimized. Could it be that because we’ve experienced so many examples of brave and fearless leaders being victimized throughout a long history of “Martyr Programming” (Joan of Arc, Jesus, and John Lenin comes to mind) that we refuse to allow anyone to be a brave and fearless leader? Perhaps they are just programs playing a broken record instead? NOT REAL. NOT true leadership at all. Thank you, “Trickster” (and Michael Brownstein) for the reminder and for putting this before me to contemplate.

I guess this means I should be careful not to crack any crystal on purpose again. We did that already. Cell phone towers, televisions, computers, pop-music, consciousness vibrators (whoa, hehe, that sounds dirty!). All are just tools- not good, not bad. Keep the judgment outta there. I think we’ll play this hand a little differently. The stranger the better. I still like the Jokers in the deck; wild cards are good fun and full of surprises!

So what is YOUR style of new “leader” program? I WANT TO SEE IT! I want to see you, ALL OF YOU, leading us into a new way of BEING. Earth is thankful to have your presence during this transition! I thank you from my heart for sharing your you-ness with me! This is a very valuable conversation to expose, share, and remind folks of. We all need reminders; none of us are saints anymore, and we’ve forgotten what it takes to be a True Leader. We each have to make it up fresh and new for our own selves- get creative!

As humans, can we evolve enough so that we no longer feel a need for Leaders to “liberate” us? I hope so, though I do not remember that time… yet. It will come to us; we will “remember” it in the NOW time- I am certain. Will we have bodies when we get there or will we just dissolve into love-rainbows? I guess we’ll get to make that choice when we get to that point.

Below are the 2 poems that inspired this train of thought. Perhaps they will inspire something else interesting in you:



by Michael BrownsteinDe_Alice's_Abenteuer_im_Wunderland_Carroll_pic_23_edited_1_of_2 







My friends all tell me

They know who they are
But I find it hard to believe them
All I have to go on is me
And when I look in the mirror
I have no idea who I am
In fact, I’ve never known
Which gives me a leg up
Because although my friends
Can sense what’s coming
Globally and personally
Their lives, their very identities
Turned upside down and inside out
Like a pretzel turning into a frog
They insist life will go on
Pretty much the same as before
Why don’t they see that if
We have no idea who we are
We can be whoever we want
Truckloads of stale biographies
Tilted into a psychic landfill
Our mothers never told us about
Because they had absolutely no idea
Who their little toddlers would soon become
by Michael Brownstein

During these liminal times
when everything is overlapping
and the bottom drops out
reality is still always richer
than we’re making use of
so in spite of our misgivings
we become threshold people
entering the looking glass
where normally accepted
convictions and conventions
and social class barriers
fall away, allowing a structure
of communitas to appear
based on common humanity
equality instead of hierarchy
while the mirror we were using
to confirm ourselves dissolves
causing disorientation vertigo
but also a fresh start
and this is good news
the bright new world
we all deserve and crave
But navigating choppy
full-on global rites of passage
if we don’t have the guidance
of a master of ceremonies
a tribal elder whose ancient
rituals can safely lead us
through the looking glass
allows schizoid tricksters to appear
self-proclaimed ceremony masters
deranged, pitiless, without fear
unable to trust or give or share
(remind you of anyone?)
who assume leadership positions
exploiting our dislocation and
hypnotizing the faint of heart
while the brave ones among us
manage to stand at the crossroads
of identity and time, watching
the dead centuries fall away
dissolving old ghost memories
which gives us great hope
for the bright new world
we all deserve and crave
In our present-day liminality
without a master of ceremonies
received opinions and traditions
educated guesses and percentages
all turn into gobbledegook
and the future is wilderness
the fabled far side of
an unnameable moon where
schizoid tricksters mimic charismatics
using decisive word and image
and supremely confident behavior
to block our way through
freezing us on the surface
of the looking glass itself
while they harvest our uncertainty
like so much ripened grain
for what seems forever and a day
counterfeiting communitas
and obscuring the bright new world
we all deserve and crave
But though glacially ignored
spirit guides still exist
bears and hawks and shorebirds
panthers, bats and dolphins
border animals inhabiting sacred
places betwixt and between
springs, caves, shores and rivers
high mountains touching the sky
in that time beyond time
before and after the dead centuries
such spirits serving as beacons
for the master of ceremonies
who—it’s up to us
we either re-discover right quick
among the few original people
hidden away on this planet
or invent anew to lead us
far from schizoid tricksters
and through the looking glass
to communitas, where life
is spacious and loving and
above all makes sense
the bright new world
we all deserve and crave


  1. jennifer gossman
    April 21, 2014

    Nice take on the trickster, iv always enjoyed these mischievous elements i like writing about them. they made my dissertation fun.

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