Strange and unusual tales from a multi-dimensional point of view.



Over the course of the past few weeks, some people have expressed a concern that the Great 2012 Transformation was a fluke for them. Their lives are in chaos, they’re financially feeling strained, they feel anxious and on edge, the people around them are acting crazy, war still exists, etc… and yet there are moments in between when we have feel total clarity and peace. Many humans are and will be experiencing radically different realities from one moment to the next, many of which contradict each other, and some people are even seeing multiple versions of ourselves pop in and out of vision. This can be as scary as it can be exciting, and often people are more comfortable experiencing a single positive vision and would like not to experience all the other variations. “Wait, I wanted to keep that one!” But of course, that would not be a multidimensional experience. That singular-vision way of experiencing would be the way we experienced ourselves in the old paradigm.


Thankfully, I have yet to hear anyone express that they are only seeing negative visions and only experiencing a negative reality. There are moments of great clarity and peace within it all, regardless of the chaos (Note to self: file them for later). For some, these multiple versions of ourselves we’re experiencing puts us in a position of doubt on whether we indeed made it to the “other side of the rainbow” during the 12/21/2012 porthole. To anyone who is experiencing this I say, relax, you made it. You are merely experiencing the hick-ups during the integration of a multidimensional consciousness, which initially can feel rather uncomfortable, especially when viewed with the vocabulary of the old paradigm. I prefer to express that it feels highly strange. Uncomfortable has a negative charge, strange is, well, just not the usual reality construct. By the way, there isn’t really a usual reality construct, but for the purposes of addressing the concept of reality in relation to the old paradigm, we all generally know what the concepts of normal, average, ordinary, and as usual look like in the collective consciousness’ reality bubble. In the new paradigm, these words mean almost nothing at all because on their own, these concepts generally do not apply to the new paradigm, unless we choose to bring them in to experience them.

The vocabulary of the old paradigm says we are either normal or weird, good or bad, hot or cold, right or wrong, everything in terms of polarity. Is it possible that we can be both of any polar combination at the same time and then in a moment later you are neither and something else all together? The phrase ” this will be strangely normal” comes to mind.


What the new operating system affords us is the ability to be everything and anything we choose at any given moment. The trick during transition or integration into the new OS is to sit back and watch all the the many visions or versions or parallel selves happening in ourselves, not judging, not reacting, and trying our best not to label it as a negative experience. We should not get entangled with the strangeness unless we want to or are comfortable doing so. The sooner we succeed at doing this, the sooner we become fully integrated and will know what to do with all of this strange and unusual information coming in.

Remember, the label we attach to what we are experiencing is very powerful, so we have to be very careful with our thoughts, words, and emotions. Observing from a neutral, non-judgemental position is key. Is is wrong if we experience or see something negative? No, not at All, in many cases it is absolutely necessary in order for our process of moving beyond the old patterns that are coming up for review.

Think of they way that all the petitions on social media and the spread of outrage against societal injustice through the outlets of the Internet is helping those injustices to be addressed and corrected. The process of integrating our multidimensional selves works exactly the same way. We can ignore a negative reality that comes into our view and continue on your way as “usual”, OR we can see it, read it, reject it, accept it, then petition it or ask it to change, and then forgive it and let it go. Our work is done.

If something shows up with a negative charge in our vision or reality it is up to us to either let it continue that way, thus continuing to experience a negatively charged reality, or to examine it carefully and ask, “What is it that I am supposed to learn from this?” or “How bad is it really? What is the worst it could be?” and “What are my beliefs around this which are giving it the negative charge?” Once identified, and properly looked at for everything it is, stripped of any sugarcoating, we have a choice to let it go and see how it changes what shows up in our reality. We can even co-create what we would rather experience in the scope of our reality. Not that we can expect it to show up exactly as we envision it, that would not be co-creation that would be making demands. But we can imagine how it might be very different from how it looks now, and then let it go and see what happens. In other words, if the world gives you lemons, make lemonade, and not just any lemonade, imagine it’s the most unusual and exceptional lemonade recipe you’ve ever had. You might be pleasantly surprised how it tastes, even if it is not what you expected. Every time you make lemonade, from now on, it will never taste the same again.

Remember those amazing moments of peace and tranquility in between, that came in and out of the chaos which you filed away in your “memory” for later? What filing them away in our memory is actually doing is collecting them in our energy field. You know those momentary visions of ourselves as a Master, Mystic, Oracle, Wizard, Genius, Shaman, Angel, Alchemist, Lightbeing, etc.? Those are not future selves, or past-life selves, or even our imaginations. Those are pieces of us, and we are a piece of All that is.

As we begin to experience ourselves as multidimensional beings, we begin to see all the different layers of ourselves in our entirety. Which means, we don’t have to study and work hard to become the vision, although we can if we wish to and it may be helpful to act in such a way to cement them into our present reality. We just have to know that all of those visions are a part of who we are already. And when we need that piece of ourselves, it will show up in our vision and play its role and then it will retreat back into ourselves again to allow other parts of us to surface as needed. This is how we begin to embody and experience All that we are, since we are not used to experience All that we are simultaneously. Through this constant flipping of channels, we will experience from present moment to present moment all the many different pieces of All that we are. Again, this is part of the integration process.

Now here is where the fun comes in. Once we have become comfortable and accepting of experiencing our multidimensional selves, (aka. dropping any nostalgia of what is not in the present, not holding onto any given vision of self that is not being experienced in the present, not judging any of them as better or worse than what is showing up in the present, loving them all, and enjoying the show), we get to begin directing the show. This is done by weaving together the many different selves that we “filed for later”. Choose which selves serve us in the present moment, day, week, month, year, etc. to experience.


Once we’ve chosen as many versions of ourself as we care to integrate in a given moment or as serves us in that moment, tell yourself a story about how those things come together to create ourselves as a complete being. Think of it as a self portrait; a painting, a blog post, a sculpture, etc. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort, since we may decide to come up with a new story to experience tomorrow, but the clearer our vision of our newly created selves are, the more fully integrated those multiple selves will integrate into the present experience of ourselves. But, do not become attached to how it will actually appear, feel, or be experienced in the present reality. Create the vision of yourself, and then let it go and see what happens. The bigger the vision and the more we can let go of any expectations on how it will appear in our life we can do, the more surprised we will be about how it manifests before us. This is really exciting.

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