Strange and unusual tales from a multi-dimensional point of view.


Ahhh! We’ve FINALLY made it… to August. The snakes seem to be ARE slinking away. New truths are revealing themselves, (thank you), and though they might still show up somewhat riddled and mired in trickery, at least the trickery seems rather transparent, don’t it? I still (although less and less) spend a fair amount of my time listening to or reading about examples of what other mysticslight-workers, artists, newscasters, Creative Master BEings are doing out there. I’ve come to the conclusion that we are ALL just that: Creative Master BEings (even those folks out there who are pretending to have their heads stuck up their asses, are now clearly seeming to be unabashedly aware of the fact that they have chosen to stick their heads up their asses). I’m just going to assume that on some level WE all actually like it this way. No excuses, ifs, ands, or butts.

So for my part, I admit that I still occasionally, almost, (like to) give my power away, for like, a nano-second. It’s familiar, it’s comforting, it’s how we’ve always done it, it’s EASY. I still sometimes wish there was someone I could pay to make whatever is plaguing me in any given moment just go away (like the worry over my cat’s UTI and how that’s going to effect the comfort of my poor cat, the state of my wallet, the stress on my husband who is dealing with all the doctoring, the overall household germiness, etc.)  But the big problem is that problems are connected to other problems, and if I ask someone else to look at my problem they might just add some of their own to my reality construct. No thank you. Therefore, can I afford to let someone else deal with them? I jokingly think of Richard Bartlett comically saying, “Can’t you just make IT go away?” But who to ask?

So in my mind I go though all the reasons I can not solve this problem, then in my heart I hear a little voice that says, “you’re not the only one at your disposal who can work on this, you know.” Oh right, I’ve got my team. Ask for help, stop, and trust. Oh right, ASK for help. I forgot that. I don’t have to do everything myself, of course, (and my husband would patiently and annoyingly point out that I’m actually not doing very much to help in the first place, even if I feel like I’m David battling Goliath over here in the spirit ring of kitty UTI, toting crystals and angels like some kind of spiritual Rambo).


This image is so wrong in so many ways, it illustrates my point and our current position in the paradox perfectly. This is simply NOT the way to go about things any longer. Gandhi would contest.

We’ve got to be able to tune into our guidance systems, and the easiest way of doing that is to unplug from everything outside of us. Are we actually supposed to go cold turkey without our wireless and our wires, (as I threatened myself I would do earlier this month, um, that would be all of 3 days ago), ignore all the communication streams, stop listening to the outside world, disconnect from everything that holds disharmonic patterns and lies within it’s being, (including, in my cat’s case, doctors)?!?? Well, that wouldn’t be very fun, now would it? And how would we REALLY even do that anyway? I mean, first of all, most of us (we’re STILL HERE, right?) have got the 3D bodysuits as our craft of choice, which we have to maintain in some level of normalcy, whatever that means. Note: there ARE rules that apply to our skinsuits.

Second of all, I’m just learning how to actually be Creative (no, not how to design, or draw, or to replicate stuff in 3D as I have done so often again and again and again…ug), but how to really CREATE something relatively new, rather than recycling the old stuff again and again. This requires a whole new set of rules, and I will admit, I’m still in the habit of collecting outside inspiration to put my vision together (just like the trained “designer” that I am). But more importantly, I’d need the new rules on how to play. And even more importantly, I want some kind of visual on what the new GAME BOARD even looks like. I can’t help it, I’m curious and impatient. However, before that happens, there’s an incredible amount of distortion and clutter that still needs to be filtered before I can see the true essence of where I stand and how to play. I can discern clearly, however, that there are ALL NEW RULES that have never applied before.

So here are the new rules for playing on Earth that I’ve amassed to make things “simple”.


Owning a human, 3D, Earthly, body suit is strictly VIP. It’s a privilege as much as it might be considered a curse. Sure you can give your spot up: you can loan it to a walk in, or a “friend” (read “FIEND” if they’re actually willing to take yours) . And you could try dying (we’ve all tried it), but then again you might get sucked back into another body again, and again, and again… For some of us, it seems like we’re kind of temporarily stuck. (Is anyone else sick of human reincarnation wheel?)

So how does one become empowered while being in a 3D body, now that we know our physical status is desirable? Imagine it’s a 1940’s Dior dress. Those things had so much structure and corsetry built in that they could stand and practically walk on their own, and they weighed a TON. Can you imagine? People pay the big bucks for these.


A little clue I learned in fashion: it’s not the dress that wears the girl, it’s the girl who wears the dress. Okay, so instead of acting like the human-suit is wearing you (aka. get me out of this fucking thing, it’s too tight, stiff, awkward, and uncomfortable), it is officially time to WORK IT. Take the wheel and drive.  “How do I do that?” One might ask. Well, that leads us to Rule #2.


It’s been handed to us on a golden platter (even thought some of us thought that we needed to do galactic push ups to “earn it”. Doh! Should have taken the easy route, but there is no next time, so, oh well). All we have to do is take our power and own it. Nope, this is not another trick. No one is going to pull the ol’ bait and switch on you again (like in all the “other” timelines we’ve experienced). But if you doubt it in any way, or still haven’t deleted that old program of giving your power away (just delete it already), then there are about 20 million newly empowered light-workers out there who are all in the know, willing to play with you in that construct, ready to “save” you and “show you the way”, and who are ready and happy to “accept their abundance for their service to humanity” in the form of your power, aka your cash money.

Please note, I’m not saying that getting help from a mystically, empowered human is a bad thing per se, it just depends upon who and what you are asking for. I’ve had Master Teachers (some of whom I payed money to for their teachings) who were wonderful guides, opening many doors in my consciousness by example alone. None of those ever did anything for me or to me. I’ve also looked at a myriad of “energy workers” who offer their services to “heal you”, “transform you”, “solve you” and “fix you”, which I don’t find all that helpful. Is it an accident that their existent suggests that other human’s are “broken” and need their special powers to be “fixed”? Well, we can hardly blame the lightworkers. We are the ones who still see ourselves as “broken” or “needing to be fixed” to give them a raison d’etre. When we stop doing that, they’ll stop helping and go do something else.  Sure, other people definitely can do something else different than what I would do. But different is not necessarily better and I could also use my challenges as an opportunity to get creative and come up with some very strange solutions that I’ve never considered before.

If you think you need someone else to fix you because you “can’t” and you’re “broken” and you want to play on the NEW Game-board as something other than a pawn, don’t believe (BE-LIVE) it for a second. Don’t fall for it. YOUR wish is YOUR COMMAND. Refuse to trick yourself into playing the old way. You don’t have to anymore.  Even if you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, just do yourself a favor and assume that no one else has a better, more complete answer, or explanation for how you should play in your reality and your experience than YOU. Only you get to create your reality and your experience, don’t hand the keys over to some other head-up-their-ass BEing (physical, mystical, or not) to figure it out for you.  Give yourself some time to figure it out. You can do anything you set your heart to. Therein lies the key.



Seriously. Don’t do it. Play. Play really hard, but make sure it’s play and you’re having fun. Seriousness, whether it’s getting mad at what is wrong in this world (on so many different levels), or thinking that you can meditate yourself into a perfect state (which, frankly, is kind of a boring thing to do when you have a skin-suit… what are you? some confused ET who doesn’t know how to properly play in your 3D technology?) going extremely dark or extremely light in your thought and energy patterns, and not making fun of it is stupid. Sorry, I can’t use a stronger word for that, lest I begin to take it seriously. Need I spell it out? AVOID POLARITY IN YOUR ENERGY AND THOUGHT PATTERNS.

Short of disempowering yourself, again (to avoid causing or experiencing some kind of major damage), realize that, YES, polarity exists, but you don’t have to engage it, rescue anyone from it, or fight it. Light or dark: neither will serve you on this Game Board. So don’t judge polarities when you see them in your reality. It’s okay to acknowledge their existence (and for some of us rather hard not to).



Feel free to disagree or agree with the polarity constructs that show up for addressing. But do so clearly, and somewhat casually. Just don’t engage it AT ALL. Fighting the dark or the light are the old rules, break them by being grateful to them for their expression and lessons. Practice saying thank you to the nuclear power plants in your neighborhood who give us electricity and show us so well that we don’t accept radiation in our ground water. Practice saying thank you to every time you eat a cupcake or anything else. “Thank you for being so delicious and giving me so much joy, little cupcake. Thank you, factory workers and farmers who make delicious cupcakes for me to eat. Thank you Earth and Sun for producing the wheat and sugar to make this cupcake. Thank you calories for all the energy you are giving me. You are wonderful.” It counters the negative bi-products, it puts out the vibration that these things are not allowed to be bad. “Thank you for that speeding ticket. I’ll never get another ticket ever again because you will never catch me speeding (in your dimension) ever again. And by the way I don’t agree to your energy collection system.” “Thank you, employer, for trying to push me into working harder for less money, again. I see now that I will never again do that for any employer even though I fully intend to deliver exactly what you need and what I promise.” “Thank you (self) for giving me boring tasks under the suggestion that I have to do them or else. I actually don’t have to do anything I don’t feel like doing. But thanks for giving me the space to question and solidify that choice.” Learn to respond in a manner that is counter every program you’ve ever experienced and you can literally rewrite the programming yourself one “thank you” at a time. Then see how much more fun WE can ALL have.


Know that StarWars is a crock of shit, but even so, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.


Now that we’ve all gotten so powerful at playing games in our brains, guess what, the brain is boarderline USELESS in the new Game Board OS. (Damn, I hate when that happens). Would you try to use an Atari joystick to play with the newest technology? NO. But for most of us, this is a hard one. I mean, we still have to feed the kids and go to work, right? And we’ve all learned to rely on the old brain for so much of our decision making and mental processing. Sure, the brain can be helpful on the regular day to day things, like, “What am I going to eat?” (then again, most of us eat the same thing every day, so…). But, at this point we’re being exposed to far more data and energy via technology and electromagnetic fields than any other humans in bodysuit technology on Earth have ever been exposed to in our known history (of course this is said with the knowledge that there is no such thing as history or time, all is malleable in time travel, but for some humans, especially those of us who feel stuck in skin suits, we all understand what is meant by the concept of “history”). Not to mention the sheer amount of psychic information streaming in via the many BEings that are talking at us from other dimensions (you’re picking up on it one way or another, even if you don’t realize it). This is also more psychic noise than we’ve ever experienced before because of that long ass, ET, Human Body-suit, Earth cue, that gets longer every day, as I afore mentioned. How does one decipher all of it?

I spent a good several days holding my head, going, “I’M SO CONFUSED!” I could not possibly sort out all the data I was trying to process, digest, and organize into pretty little packages of information I could then deliver to the correct parties for appropriate distribution. “Just give up, this is NOT something for your brain to handle,” was the last message my brain got to fully process. Right, that’s my cue to shut off and go to sleep. Problem solved.


Whenever I feel overwhelmed with information, I generally choose to stop whatever I’m doing, take my shoes off, go outside, and stand in the garden. It’s crazy that this works every time, it is literally child’s play. Whenever I feel like I’ve been puzzling over something so long that I’m getting bored enough to go on to Facebook’s news-stream, I stop, take a walk, and try to plant my energy like tree roots, into the Earth. This is MOST IMPORTANT. Deciphering the information is not, feeling it is. You cannot access the information if you cannot feel it. Any information that makes you feel overwhelmed, helpless, scared, afraid, dark, worse, or powerless is FALSE INFORMATION this is going through the brain and  that needs processing through the heart. You cannot process this with your head, it’ll give you head-aches and nightmares. Try to FEEL the information in your heart (imagine it’s like seeing light patterns in water which you imagine are dancing in a pool of water at your heart), filter the information this way and see how long it lasts or remains feeling important. The valuable or true information will stick in your energy field and be accessible whenever you need it, the useless or false information will easily be filtered out through your heart. The heart is awesome that way, actually nothing untrue can stay there if you are feeling it.


This is MOST IMPORTANT on the new Game Board. This Game Board is currently full of old tricks, traps, scrap programs, bugs, litter, static, hick-ups, and I’m not entirely sure that it’s even complete yet. There are a lot of murky areas. I think we’re playing the precursor to the demo version of the new, multidimensional OS. This is like Apple’s programmers new gadget output stream on steroids. Last month we got the OS-5D, barely out of the box, and now and we’ve already come out with another, newer version to test drive. Untested, uncut, unedited, still kind of glitchy. Get over it, and geek out on the excitement of being one of the first to give it a spin. However, this is like driving a car model that has walls instead of windows. Which means, we’re going to have really hope, trust, and pray rely on our GPS system or some other sense rather than what our brain has been using to navigate the old ride with. I suggest trying your 6th sense, that feeling- HEART SENSE. The Heart isn’t the only part of the body that processes the info, but it seems to be the mainframe and central access point for the new joystick.


Now, that’s a GPS (Galactic Positioning Satellite).

Thanks to my Team and Galactic Family, the Galactic Historian, Lauren Gorgo, Inalia Benz, Richard Bartlett, Donna Cerame, William McCarthy, Tom Kenyon, Lucia Rene, Bashar, and Lavandar, Arielle and the team of the Starseed Hotline, all of whom have bravely shared with me their own strange and unusual truths and wisdom, which in turn have greatly inspired and influenced my own version of TRUTH.

4 comments on “THE RULES OF THE GAME

  1. hertzmich
    August 9, 2013

    Absolutely Wonderful post!!!! Well said, well done Eliza!!

  2. Meghan
    August 9, 2013

    Thank you for the confirmations, heart is the truth center… no more middle man/woman
    We are it!

  3. June
    August 10, 2013

    Lots of power-packed truths here, in a DELIGHTFUL package…I LOVE your writing !

  4. Eliza Starbuck
    August 14, 2013

    Thanks for all the love ladies! I LOVE TO WRITE.

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