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Happy April all you Super-Friends!
Don’t ask me why, but I’ve recently transformed into a full on Robin Hood style, Love-Gangster. Perhaps it was the spirit of an April Fools Day-trickster, or perhaps it’s my Pleiadian, Bugsy Seigel-ish guide having too much influence over me. Regardless, this month I’m on a mission to bust outta this joint. Who’s with me? (For the gentle folk reading this, please excuse my language- I’m just getting the message out to the kids.) So, what joint do I speak of? Hmmm, wouldn’t you like to know. Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s this freaking, cracked, ascension pod; which is pretty much busted.

John-Perkins-2We’ve worn it out! Nice work. Now we need a new ride. And we have just the upgrade available that makes that last ride look like a spiritual hooptie! Give me the Spirit Caddy, PLEASE.


Thank you. And now to address our old friend, Darth Vador. For those of you who are still choosing to be haters- all hating on the bankers and billionaires, and the government, and the oil companies, and the media (and any one else, the list goes on and on)… Enough already! How long do you want to play in a rigged game you can’t win??? Is hating it going to make it any better. NO! Stop being stupid. Set Darth free! If he doesn’t die of a heart attack first, he’ll give you all his money willingly and happily. Get it? It’s time to buck up, Buttercup, because we have yet another choice to make: We can either enjoy continuing BEING pissed off and fear-full (good luck with that), or we can enjoy BEING our collective abundance here on Earth and express it by BEing effing RICH ALL TOGETHER NOW!  (Note: I said RICH, not greedy!) Which one are you going to choose?


While you think about that, here are some tools that might help you to decide:


So while I was busy “doing nothing” for the last month, due to the recent financial paradigm shifts that were experienced in major ways, (I for one, lost my day job and main income which I was dreading going back to anyway), we were busy cracking the codes that had human and Earth’s abundance locked up in a maximum security safe. Guess who likes bank robbery? ME. Okay, so I might have a little Bonnie Parker incarnate in me, so what?

So, I figured I’d better take the advice of my tough talking guides who had told me:

IF YOU WANT MONEY, YOU HAVE TO BE IT.” -Pleiadian Bugsy Seigel

I took that rather literally. First, I spent a day walking around imagining and feeling money flying around me. My energy field looked something like this. Can you imagine what Times Square looked like as I did that in the heart of it ALL?


I was offered a job, in Times Square for the whole summer, the next day. Thank you. Then, because I was about to loose my inflated, er, amazingly abundant life insurance policy which I could no longer afford (and I admit, I felt all kinds of pissed off about it because it was dragging me into a financial black hole), I decided to address all my attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and belief issues with the concept of insurance, money, and the idea of people stock-piling human energy and abundance into the physical object of MONEY. Yuck! Looking at that didn’t feel so nice to me, so I reversed it with a little trick I learned from Richard Bartlett, called Inversion:

“Want to know how easy it is to get out of your personally created hell? It’s like this: Hell…NOT!“-Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics


Thanks spirit dragons. Thank you for the words of wisdom Dr. Bartlett.

The next day a Green Mountain of consciousness GalActivators landed square in my lap. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


WE’RE RICH! Oh baby, am I turned on? YES! Thank you, fairy people (you know who you are), you little love-muffins, you!

This is unreal, and yet it REALLY happened, like in 3D, EVEN! What strange and unexpected miracle soup did I just step into???

So, next, I tried the Inversion Spell with a couple other people, who, in turn, were also offered jobs or felt a major shift in their abundance structures within 24 hours. Works for US! So,  I’m offering it to YOU, because let’s face it, there’s a lot of people on this planet with abundance-judgement-issues that are dragging the human species as well as the resources of Earth into a morbid black hole. Stop that! This spell will blow the walls right off the bank vaults and flow the cash to anyone and everyone who needs it! I give it freely, because frankly, I’m tired of waiting for the bank vaults to open of their own accord. Ahem. Here you go.

And so there is an equal exchange for this little gift, I ask a favor in return. I ask each an every one of you to help me spread this video. Please do one or all of the following:

Share the video on Facebook:

If you haven’t already, then please like The Transformative Arts page on

Or forward this by email to your friends and family. They probably would like some money too, right? Don’t be greedy, go ahead, sprinkle that shit all over the place!


This weekend we launch our town’s local craftsman-market, Baazar-On-Hudson, at the Living Room, 103 Main St., Cold Spring, NY. Eliza will be selling power-activating, crystal pendants at the Baazar every Sunday, from April 6th-July 27th. Come out for a day trip in the fresh air and come get your GalActivation codes!


Eliza will be taking a break from offering her Love Space Meditation class in her local community of Cold Spring, NY, and is spending the Spring and Summer weekdays in New York City where she’s been assigned a mission in the heart of the Collective Consciousness. WooHoo! If you’d like to join her, and add your light while we dismantle and reassemble the Collective Consciousness with love and light, come on out! Join Eliza by the clock in Grand Central weekday mornings from 9:45-10:15 am, and in Times Square by the George M. Cohan statue at 1:23pm for a lunch break Love Blasting.

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