Strange and unusual tales from a multi-dimensional point of view.


Just one month into 2014, and what a month it was! After speaking to a number of people who are all experiencing similar strangeness, I can comfortably say, we’re all being stretched and growing far outside of our comfort zone.

As always, I find solace from Lauren Gorgo’s monthly 5D Report. In January she stated:

“Those at the forefront of new humanity are preparing to embark upon a brand new journey into a brand new future…one that is currently unknown to us, yet the outcome has been written in the stars, in our DNA, in our new spiritual-human blueprints. So many of us are approaching our full-circle-point which is not only our simultaneous ending/beginning moment but it is also becoming so apparent that the past is feeling less and less like the present.” -Lauren Gorgo,

Uh yeah. This is a good little one to sit with. Don’t know where you’re going, don’t know what awaits you, all you know is that it will look nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced and…. oh, holy fuck, the floor structure (or your job-income structure) just dropped out from beneath you. Which looked something like this:


And yet, you’re not falling. What gives?

Okay, stay calm and channel the weirdness that is Richard Bartlett.

But in all honesty, when we weren’t sitting there going, “oh yeah, zero gravity, how novel. This is reaaaally WONDERFUL. Nothing is like it used to be. Everything is going to be so different. How exciting!” Don’t panic!!!! When I started to resist it in any way, well, then it began to feel more like this.


Yup, resistance is futile. No, the dragons were not at all pleased. And thankfully, there were a few moments of grace when it felt a bit more like this:


“Sure, I can practice my piano, cook dinner for the kids, and not look down, with no gravity. No problem.” Um, how long is this going to last? Anyone else have this going on? Maybe we can all just hang out together? (sorry, pun totally intended).

And of course I wanted to find the source of all this discomfort. Was it the idiocy of me for making a week long trade with a friend for my “mainframe” crystal pendant for her “mainframe” crystal pendant? Doesn’t that sound like fun, Lavandar? Admittedly, that was a very dumb experiment, especially at this time, but dumb no matter how lovely the circumstances. By the time I finally got my equipment back, I was ready to bury the darn thing, along with my friend’s. I had no communications for a week and it felt like I’d just stepped off a cliff. Try not to panic. Really dumb experiment. Once I was online again (sort of), my team was like, “Yeah, would you take a crane driver out of their seat and trade places with a jet pilot without giving either of them any training or even a manual?”

vacancies Well, how was I supposed to know without trying it? Lesson learned.

Okay, so January was uncomfortable, but still, there were no real disasters, just extreme discomfort in the knowing that all structures had dissolved beneath me and what is going to replace them are utterly unknown. Try to manifest with that. Try to pay the bills with that. Fuuudge!

A moment of grace with Lauren Gorgo, please…

“Those who have completed the inner-work and are no longer bound by karmic contracts will be learning to create in this world simply and purely as LOVE…in practical ways that will be needed to sustain us.  And because our perspective of “purpose” is shifting from 3D to 5D, we are realizing more than ever that our contribution to the planet is anchored in our beingship….that our will to create comes simply from the burgeoning desire to share ourselves and our soul gifts with the world in our own unique ways. Which sounds so blissful & romantic…until the mortgage payment is due. 8O” -Lauren Gorgo,

Exactly. (I love you, Lauren, thanks for keeping it REAL).

Ok, folks, so we heard the orders. Buckle down and get really good at doing NOTHING about the lack of floor structure beneath you. Meditate on the concept of walking on air. Instead of bemoaning the loss of that awkwardly structured and poorly constructed past that just gave way and left you hanging there, vaguely daydream about what a better structure would look like, what a better you would BE like. Sit and be grateful (if you can) for the past structures that taught you so much, that offered you this experience to want for more, desire more, choose more. Look for any fears around whether or not you are capable of manifesting your dreams, and then process your fears when you find them. And when none of that works, go back to doing NOTHING, while sitting in your deep-heart-space, just imagining you know what love, joy, and happiness feels like from your core out to your finger tips. Not looks like, FEELS like.

February 1st came, along with the ceremony of St. Bridget day.

Brighde-© Stuart-Littlejohn

How did I spend the day? Diving into an icy, frozen lake on a Shamanic Journey led by my dear friend Nadiya Nottingham who holds the powers and divinity of Bridget. Guess what she’s good at? Burning the old dead structures and magically growing new ones. How serendipitous, but you have to wait until Spring before her gifts arrive. Where I live that would be March 20th, the Spring Equinox. Here we go…

Okay, so while time and space are suspended, can we play in the meantime? Dare we risk it? Do we have a choice? Exciting and a bit scary, like building a new vessel to ride while sitting in the middle of the ocean on a wobbly, rotting raft.


Fingers crossed there’s no freaking tigers. Oh hell, just go ahead and look for the fucking tiger, it’ll get you if you don’t.


Thankfully, the tools and supplies for said new vessel keep miraculously showing up and falling in our laps. This is encouraging. At this point, we can safely say, we’ve been guided to get our tools, meditation, yogi and raiki mastery, etc., in place. All we have to do is USE them, often, and try to imagine exactly what we wish for (do we even know?) to do the very most that will support our practical needs and future self visions. If it looks like this:


It’s time to loose the bondage.

Getting closer.


It’s definitely NOT cheating if you ask a kid to help you out. They know how to do this really well.

This is looking pretty good.


Model the most sustainable version of yourself in your heart and in your mind’s eye. Imagine what the styling for a healthy future humanity looks like and model that look all the way, while walking on air. The people, circumstances, resources, etc. will come to you when you are done.

Walking On Air

If you feel your path is pulling you elsewhere, but you don’t know where, sit with that. That, and pop that puppy.

Use your tools and ask yourself, “Where is my greatest good leading me?” If you feel nervous about not knowing, fearful about needing income, sit with your fears. Examine them. Ask them how big and bad they can be? And let them show you through your imagination. Tell them “I see you, I feel you, I welcome you, I love you, I thank you, you’ve played your role beautifully. Now bugger off, your job is done, back to the Universe with you.” à la Inelia Benz, Ascescion101, and send it off by sitting and filling your heart and mind with sunlight and rainbows. This is the most practical and useful advice I can offer at the moment. I am a fool, but everything seems to continue to work out okay. I have no freakin’ clue how.

Once you get here:


You know you’re ready to go. Happy day tripping!

More treats are in store this month!


  1. Betty Cassel
    February 11, 2014

    I love what you say and the way you say it. I am now addicted and must read every word you write. It speaks to me in so many ways and makes me smile, and sometimes laugh out loud. Thank you so much.

    • Eliza Starbuck
      February 11, 2014

      What kind words! Thank you Betty. I’m happy I can bring laughter during these, um, awkward times 😉 xo

  2. Donna
    February 11, 2014

    And now I know why I kept seeing and hearing you popping in and out of my head… was lead to your teeny tiny pic on PlanetWaves FB page and voila! You just posted … message TOTALLY received, my friend! (and btw – diving into an icy lake, NOW? woo too!)

    • Eliza Starbuck
      February 11, 2014

      Haha! Donna! That cold water is a bit shocking. Indeed, I have been sending you telepath-texts all month! I love you Lady! ❤

  3. savannah limitless joy
    February 11, 2014

    OMG I LOVE this!! Love the pictures, the words, the advice and resonates as totally true. So delighted I found you and popped over. Will enjoy cloud hopping while chasing rainbows. As MAtt Kahn says, you don’t have to go to work anymore, you get paid to anchor new energy. Or as I say, I am employed by the Divine. The paychecks are not that steady but the perks are amazing.
    so much love and a big belly laugh
    or dancing unity at TWYH

  4. Kate Street
    February 11, 2014

    FANTASTIC! ♥♥♥ (and I do love me a fellow sister who fucking swears!)

  5. Hope G. Turino
    February 12, 2014

    Today on the way to Beacon up magical 9D (could it be the name for a future dimension?!), the divide that is actually the fijord of the Hudson Highlands, I felt myself get in sync with a giant oceanic wave and sighed an Ahhh Haaa at knowing I was going to be carried with little to zero “will” on my part. Another great day with the undercurrent pulling in all my intentions for me. Thanks for all your help Eliza and other’s working deeply and dedicatedly on their consciousness, and conscious transformation to 5D. Weeeeeeee!

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