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Ah! Here we are, the February Full Moon. Thank GOD this has finally arrived. In between those beautiful moments of bliss, love, peace, and harmony, anyone else feel like they’ve been lifting and dismantling energy anvils this month?


Is this a dumb sport or what? But, dude, look at those muscles! We are getting somewhere with this, yes? BUT WHERE?

Alright, so a recap of this year thus far, we’ll take it back to the Winter Solstice. December 21st, full moon in Gemini, the flood gates were opened, energy came pouring through, making us feel all sexy and excited, and lit up like a shiny star for the New Year. Yay! That was a great party.


Oh boy, we felt there were good things to come in that moment. We were feeling great, but then the energetic flood waters did not seem to recede, they seem to keep on flowing, well into the beginning of February! Feel those early February Solar Flares, anyone?

“What I am hearing over and again is that the reason that some of us (read: super sensitive souls) are having such a difficult time since the solstice cycle commenced is directly related to the new (higher) level of photonic frequencies…compliments of the solar maximum cycle/pole shift. This radiation of new light that we are absorbing is literally unlike any other encodement that has preceded it, and is therefore affecting us all in a myriad of fortunate, but challenging ways.” -Lauren Gorgo,

It’s nice to have  a heads up on the technicalities. We’d all think we were going bonkers without it. Well, we might all be going bonkers, but thank you anyway, Lauren!

After a month and a half of it, we’ve been filled, pumped, washed, dunked, christened, and nearly drowned. Thank you, Jezus! We’ve gotten quite good at treading water, now please send in the freakin’ ARK already! This one will do just fine.


We’ve lost family members, we’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost friendships, and my computer just committed suicide (actually, my partner’s computer jumped off the table, landed on my computer, and cracked the screen, so technically it looked more like a computer homicide, not suicide). This is what happens when computers are not appreciated enough. Don’t blame the computer for your remembering and revisiting the hating of  your lame, past tense job! In the words of Richard Bartlett, “Stop it already!”

And then again, we’ve gained some good stuff too. We’ve recovered our unfractured selves, all in one piece, with love, BEAUTIFULLY. We’ve identified that we cannot and will not live with or experience drudgery any longer. And suddenly there’s a whole new cast of  Super Friends, along with some oldie goldies who have just showed up, and stepped up to plate, ready and excited to play for team Planet. Ever play name that vocation? Hey, I remember you from… the priestess-hood in Egypt? the crystal labs in Atlantis? the kingdom of Faerie?  the rituals in Lumaria? our space station in the Pleiades? etc. Hello again, Super Friends!


We’re not alone, the isolation period and quarantine is officially OVER! We have a real-life, physical team and better yet, we’ve finally have COMPANIONSHIP folks! Like, real friends, who are AWESOME. With BODIES even!!! 5D Living and experiencing people are popping up everywhere, and they’re really lovely and nice! What wonderful gifts are these! We are connected to others who are TOTALLY AWESOME, who stand in their power and display their greatness as they walk beside us. And we get to actually SEE our companions’ power and beauty, unhidden by so many dense layers we once called “the onion”. We get to stand strong with others who are filled with the love and joy and happiness of being LOVE and be surrounded with people who burst with it. We even get to admire and appreciate those who are close to us for all their greatness and feel loved and admired and appreciated back. Shoot! We can even find new Super Friends on Facebook, feel them from the other side of the planet, and friend them so we can cheer each other on daily.

And collectively, we’re getting pretty close to telepathic, we just have to remember to practice it daily with said Super Friends, because it’s still seems to be a challenge to communicate telepathically to the driver in front of you who is still driving like a shmerk ( that, or probably they just don’t care).


Don’t think too hard about it, Dino Boy. Just practice without any expectation of it actually working and then be pleasantly surprised when it occasionally does.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a full team of advisers standing by, ready to throw computers around the room if necessary to get us to pay attention and listen up to the win-win path they’re offering us, so there’s literally no fucking way you can not follow your path unless of course you don’t mind having your 3D physical realities also beaten, broken, and busted up. It’s like having Bugsy Siegel as a guide on your team, and he’s got Mercury Retrograde Syndrome (MRS). Oh crap, did I really pick him?


Well, he’s a guide now. So, pay attention kiddles and villies, it’s about to get real. After feeling like we’ve experienced that in the 5D for half of January, most of us are not brave enough to want experience that in our 3D “real life”. Let me rephrase that: I am not brave enough to want to experience that in my reel life. No thank you. Whatever you say Mr. Siegel, as long as you promise and swear that you really are an Angel now. Really?!?

So now, this instant manifestation thing is really starting to kick in. Oh, yes, it’s happening. We thought we were getting a nice sturdy canoe to replace our old rotten raft, but it feels more like they’re sending us a whole freaking, space-style oceanliner with a pretty dazzling welcoming committee.


Now we know why we were lifting (and foraging, and melting) all those anvils in our energy fields. We were getting ready to be Super Hero’s, Leo Full Moon style.

“The heart is Leo’s domain ~ the Sun its ruler.  The intensity of solar fire beams out through the heart chakra proclaiming the sheer de-light of expressing one’s unique individuality.  We open to the realization that yes, our very heartbeat is powered by divine spirit and our purpose on Earth is to manifest that magnificent power right here on the physical plane.  What a joyous assignment!  Let the Leo Full Moon open your heart to recognize all others as a manifestation of you in another form.” –Patricia Liles,

Those Power Path Shamans really know what they’re talking about. Hope you’ve got a couple Shaman Super Friends. Don’t worry if you don’t yet. You will. Shamans seem to be coming out of the energetic woodwork to guide us. Let the flood gates be released!


Oh, LEO! Sorry, I had to include that picture (a gift for Carolina, you know who you are), it was just too much, but just the right amount at the same time. Because this is what I’m feeling out the corner of my eye, and piece by piece, this seems to be dropping into my lap from the sky. And who would say no to such richness, albeit over the top and rather ridiculous richness? The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are present, actually, they BE US. And when I talk to the folks around me (that is those who haven’t been stunned by the overwhelming feelings flashing through their bodies and who are still left standing afterwards) they say they are experiencing similar feelings, in not so many words, um, I mean visuals.

So how am I going to celebrate February 14th this year. You better believe it’s not going to be some Roman-antics based around an unmentionable holiday.


Don’t get me wrong, I aim to be a giant, walking valentine every single day. But we’ll be whooping it up and howling at the moon this Friday, after our full moon ceremony (once again stepping into reinforce and solidify our visions of ourselves and our world in powerful light and love energy), make no mistake, this is one to celebrate. I firmly feel that we have arrived.

I love you guys!

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