Strange and unusual tales from a multi-dimensional point of view.


This week the Pleiadians made a call in to our little town. One of them in particular sounds a bit like the Archetype of Bugsy Siegel. 8O Still, a nice guy, but with rather bawdy language (be prepared to be slightly scandalized around some of the advice). Go figure, I’ve got Master Teachers from NJ who look like and sound like members of the Sopranos, and Bugsy Siegel is giving me life affirmations. I’m not even into gangsters (or am I?)!? Okay, I’ll admit, Bonnie Parker is totally the tits. Gal had style after all.


Well, gangsters aside, this message has some pretty nice concepts in it. It does not come in prose form (sorry for the bad poetry) to slow their flow down for the translation. Look for the prize inside of every cracker-jack box.

We are neither dark nor light. We BE the bright!

We show you the way, just follow your light.

You will shift, you will twist, you will turn, you will change.

For the next few months, whilst we rearrange.

Make it easy, just don’t fight it.

Fairy magic will magic it.

Don’t guess at it. Just sit with it.

Get comfortable. Become transfixed with it.


Imagine that you’re glowing BEings,

Spraying rainbows, and all those things.

Take it easy, share your thoughts. Spread that magic… A LOT.

Socialize, laugh, be merry.

Drink some wine and pop a cherry*.


Earth’s the dulldrums**, don’t you see?

They need music, laughter. Make it fine to BE.

Float for a while, so they can learn how.

Angels, will we all be, now.

For now, as Angels, work is fun.

Hear no music, the work is done.

Go to bed. It’s time to sleep. Now don’t forget!


If you miss your tune up***, you’ll be upset.

We don’t mind, of course, we’ve got time.

But yours is short, so you might mind.

We’re glad to see you’ve slowed way down.

We hope you like the snow in town.

“When there’s nothing to do, DO NOTHING!” is our motto.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow you’ll win the lotto.

😉 Just kidding. That’s a JOKE! We thought you’d see it.


If you want money, you have to BE IT.

Abundance is at your gate.

Don’t be a fish. Be wary of bait.

Be direct, request, and then just wait…

All actions are answers, visions be clear!

Judge not simply, just be aware.

Judge not at all. You don’t need to.

Ask the right questions and the path will lead you.

You will be tested, questioned, and guided.

No worry.


Honest answers will win the query,

Unlock the doors and let you in.

By the way, Jesus Christ doesn’t believe in sin

(neither does Buddha, Tao, Zeus, or Mary).

The concept of sin is so ordinary****.

Question it. Twist it, turn it, transform it.

It’s not what you do, it’s HOW you do it.


Strategy is best not thought of.

Test your faith and walk a little wildly.

Notice how walls bend as you squeeze between realities.

But don’t be stupid, magic is best not wasted.

Use it when it’s more or less hasted.

In the meantime flex those muscles.

Practice, practice, it’s time to hustle!


Grow the energy all around.

Shine your rainbows, outer-bound.

Connect to all and pull it in.

Shine it out, and grow within!

Bloom and blossom in your hearts.

Look at darkness as an ART.

Don’t engage it, JUST LOOK.

Notice. Be Aware.


There’s always darkness, just don’t stare.

Look right past it, and then… You blast it!

In love and gratitude and joy, of course.

Always remember, what’s your source?


Now are you really ready to get back on the horse?

Relax. Take a break.

Let US do some lifting.

You settle down, while we do some sifting.

Clear your minds. Open your hearts.

Root through your feet, and then be complete.

For now and forevermore.

*Some of my team really understand and use the rough-neck style Earth humor. I keep thinking that I’ve got the Pleiadian Bugsy Siegel as one of my guides.

**When they say “Earth’s the dulldrums” they do not actually mean EARTH is dull, they mean the 3-D game that humans engage in known as “life on Earth” is dull, because so many like to play the same game over and over, like a broken record playing over and over. It’s tiring after a while.

***Our teams work on us when we are asleep, cleaning up our biological structures, debugging our systems, and releasing our demons so that we can face them and let them go. If you feel called to nap, go to bed early, etc. Just do it! These are free upgrades they’re offering which will push our evolution and ascension (for lack of better words) to greater heights and deeper depths.

***When they call something “ordinary” they are meaning a societal program of sorts, non-original reactions, or an un-truth. One which we are quite bored of.

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