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Dear friends,
This is a love letter to thank you, because being on Earth with you- ALL OF YOU- feels like being “in love” for the very first time. Only with Everything and Everyone. All at the same time. And that feeling is growing! We are doing awesome work here.

Do you know what else I love? I LOVE BIRTHDAYS.


Ah, the overwhelming joy of BEING physically born of this Earth, taking the time to celebrate each other, eating delicious food, and enjoying all the presence as well as the presents!

This Sunday is my birthday, and nothing would bring me greater joy than sharing my presence in deep-heart-space with you. I offer this gift to all my friends: I will be holding the space for a free Love Space Meditation for anyone who wishes to join in as we access our personal energy-power-alignment, connect to “All that is,” transform any programs which no longer serve us, expand our collective empowerment, and feel Earth shift and transform with grace and ease as it expands beneath us. Please join me!

If you are local to the Hudson Valley, NY, join us in person at the center of Cold Spring Town, NY. Skybaby Studio has been wonderfully generous to support us by offering the incredible space in their yoga studio, (which happens to be a former Free-Mason’s ceremonial hall. Whoa, talk about a space for power alignment!) What a freakin’ gift!

Gratitude= Love Bubbles. Everywhere. Exploding. Right now.


If you cannot join us in person, join us remotely! I’m posting a video online for anyone who wishes to connect to our vibration from afar. The video will facilitate alignment, access to deep-heart-space, and will give you The Transformative Arts Love-Space-Meditation alignment and self-in-power-ment tool box. This is my gift to you! For anyone and everyone who wishes to join us there, it will be posted at 1pm, this Sunday, on The Transformative Arts Facebook Page, here. And it will be posted on this page on the day of.

How much presence can we amass? Call in your teams, call in your crew, forward this message. POWER UP, GANG!

When? Sunday, March 16th, doors open at 2:45pm, beginning at 3pm (EST).

Where? In your hearts and physically at Skybaby Studio,
75 Main St. Cold Spring Village, NY 10516

Big Love!
Eliza Starbuck

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