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Whew, we made it to MARCH! Anyone else feel like they have literally been buried under the snow for the past month and a half? Can you feel that ice breaking under our feet? Do things feel a little unstable at the moment? Nah! We’re just standing on cracked ice over here. Noticing the sound of ice melting and penetrating the Earth beneath us? That’s the sound of old patterns and programs that no longer serve us being shattered and washed away like ice on the melting river.


If this is unnerving to you, rest assured, we are fully supported in this transition. Get ready. Spring is just around the corner and it is time to initiate and embrace the energy of our own new beginnings!

So far, this year has been a real shaker-upper. Any patterns and programs that no longer serve us have been broken apart for complete removal. If your circumstances seem to be pushing you into really big shifts, then it’s time to accept what’s in store and it might even be time to take the leap of faith, folks. Removal of rigid patterns that were holding us back is inevitable and unavoidable at this point.


Ouch? Granted, that was the ice in our collective hearts that was just shattered, but did we really have a choice here? Uh, if you wish to avoid the difficulty of feeling full-on fear- on pain of death, we would recommend you just learn to say “YES” to whatever it is that is coming your way. It’s going to be much nicer going forward, we promise. Now, how do you feel about fire, because I get the strange feeling we’re just about to burst into flames? And won’t that be fun.

Well, yes, it will. The time for editing and contemplation is over. We are about to be revealed, bright, shiny, and new like we’ve never been seen before. To make this jump off the iceberg into the fire with grace and ease, we recommend taking the time to notice and be grateful for all the little signs that start trickling in at the beginning of this month that show you how the world is shifting to meet your command: your vision of yourself, and your vision of the Earth. This is ALL-US, my friends. The way the world at large responds to the you, and the me, and the US is about to feel very different.

equinox flier image

If you have succeeded at embracing the changes that are pushing their way through and you are feeling AWESOME, congratulations! It’s almost time to celebrate and consciously step into your new skin and super-powers for the Spring Equinox! Embrace and imbue the quickness of fire, materialize your dreams out of the water, and invoke the ancient wisdom of crystals to harness and support our collective transformation on Earth.


If you wish to join our own Transformative Arts Master, Eliza Starbuck, and Celtic Shaman-Priestess, Nadiya Nottingham for a shamanic ceremony and dance-party at Skybaby Studio in Cold Spring, NY, on the evening of Thursday, March 20th, please RSVP and pre-register, here. This is a big month in a big year. We should celebrate all that we’ve processed and transformed.

(Speaking of, I can hardly imagine what Summer brings; who knows, maybe we were actually supposed to be mermaids all along. Or…. something like that.)


Meanwhile, if you’re noticing that your iceberg is melting, and the feelings that you have about that mildly (fucking) suck; OR you are fearing the mysterious waters below and are not sure what to do about them and would like a hand; OR you just want an excuse to play one-on-one with Eliza and get a little power-up boost…


Email me! I’m now offering some Transformative Arts services to aid and assist your process :


Oh, go on! Let’s make it fun and just enjoy this delicious soup we’re sitting in. This is going to be one amazing month! Happy Marching!

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