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Well, it’s been one of those weeks. Remember back in July when I wrote,

“Chain me up or chain that thing up, but I suggest doing some yoga while the thing in the corner works itself out”?

Well, I think maybe all those itty bitty snakes and lizards and things were just warm ups for what we’re looking at now. This week, its been brought to my attention that “the thing in the corner” might actually be a part of ME. Oh boy, and I’m not entirely sure if I’m working it out (though I did take my own suggestion and yoga is happening every day to stabilize and strengthen my energy field), or if it’s working me out (as in, sure, you cleaned your closet, but you forgot to dust under the bed, now you will PAAAAY)!


Just kidding.

So, how this appears for me is monsters, monsters, everywhere. I’m seeing demons flying around my head and around my energy field, I’ve got a giant dragon breathing down my neck all day long. At one point I looked down to see small dragons eating my energetic heart out. Fuuuudge!


Now, I try not to overreact to these things at this point. I mean, what can I do? So, I sit with it a little bit and observe. I check my energy field to make sure it is in line. Check.


I do my deep-space-heart exercises: drop into the heart space, expand, go deeper, expand, etc. Yup, In Heart. Expanded. Check.


But, the monsters are still there! And they look kind of like this, and they’re buzzing around my head! Yeesh!


Oh holy fuck. And considering I’m not overtly seeing this stuff on anyone else (frankly, I’ve been too distracted by my own monsters to attempt looking at anyone else’s), I’m ready to sit this one out. Okay, in my defense, I’ve talked to several other people who feel like the wolves were just released on them too (so it’s not just me).

But, before I talked to anyone else on my team about it, or got up to speed with what the Astrologers and planet guides were saying, I dismissed the whole thing as preparation for Halloween, you know, everyone’s letting their demons out to play, and I happened to be seeing them frolicing around my person. But that was too simple an explanation. Remember, there’s always 3 explanations to everything. Me thinks something else might afoot.


Perhaps I should not have questioned the meaning of Halloween earlier this week. I admit, comparing it to Easter was foolish. Perhaps Halloween really is significant? This year, it appears to be anyway. Or perhaps the dead finally are rising from the grave.

But, seeing that it’s happening in other dimensions (it will never look the way Hollywood would describe it), I find it less scary. And even less scary, the concept of “the end of the world” as we know it, anyway. Well, that happens every minute of every day of every month of every season of every year. Nothing stays the same. So the “end of the world” just happened, and it just happened again, and there! It happened again!

When I looked into what the Astrologers are saying about the planetary situation I pulled this:

“This week we have two Main Events: the fourth Pluto-Uranus square (Friday, Nov. 1st) and a Solar Eclipse / New Moon (Sunday, Nov. 3rd). Either of these planetary alignments by themselves would indicate a huge turning point or a transition time and to have them within three days of each other is a bit like trying to jump rope and climb a mountain at the same time. It will be important for us to step away from things and breath and relax as much as possible.

Another important event to note, is that our physical Sun has been releasing two X-class (the highest magnitude) flares and at least nine M-class (second highest magnitude) flares over the past three days. Solar flares send waves of electromagnetic radiation into space. If they are Earth-directed (as several were this week), we as embodied humans must receive that electromagnetic energy and integrate it.


“If you’ve been feeling more emotional, tired, or reactive than usual, any of these events, could be seen as being behind it.” -from The Return of the Divine Feminine

Uh, yeah. That might do something to US.

I appreciate that the folks over at The Delphic Wave just came out and called a spade a spade. I think, “Week of hell” were the words they used in their newsletter.

“Welcome to trans-portation! Or, as SHE put it before I began typing, ‘Welcome to S.E.R.E.!’ For the uninformed, S.E.R.E. in the US, stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training, and is fondly called ‘hell week’ in the US armed forces. Have you noticed that there are fragmented, perhaps even wispy aspects of self attempting to do some or all of these things?  This is a hell world conversion.  Whatever has been denied by you in any aspect of this or any other lifetime is now knocking at your door, in your face, in your dreams, in the mass psyche and, in other words, is UN-deniable.  Finally.  In psycho-babble this is the ‘wounding coming up to heal’.  Massively.  That phrase does not do a mite of justice to the experience of this tsunami … and yet.  Many of us are having deliciously resolution-oriented experiences. Completion and transcendence. This is the fruit of the conversion.”

Well, it’s all open for interpretation, but aren’t I wishing now that I’d done a better job at cleaning my room up before I went out to play? Ahem. Well, I promise you it wasn’t from a lack of effort, per se, but let’s not focus on our shortcomings, shall we? There are plenty more where that one came from if one wants to go looking, but beware, they might jump out and try and strangle you or me or US at this point. Just kidding. At least I’m not finding “hell week” as terrifying as I might. In light of Halloween, I’m actually, kind of finding it rather entertaining. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em, no?


After all, if I’m going to have a dragon at my back, that would make me a Dragon Lady, right? (Remember, we all get to make our own rules up, so make sure your rules work in your favor).


And if I see little lizards eating my heart out, well, wouldn’t it make sense to simply ask my big Dragon to eat them? Get the bigger lizard to eat the smaller ones, see?


What I’ve learned as I “sit this one out” is that all the ghouls and demons and dragons and monsters under the bed and in the closet are just pure POWER. Not good, not bad, they just kind of look funny because of the way my limited mind interprets them. I think I have Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics to thank for the fact that I’m not freaking the fuck out right now (it’s good to have real live examples of other people who have been through this stuff already). And now that I can see the little beasties, if they are having a negative effect on me (because I will admit that in the moment I saw the lizards eating me I was mentally getting really mad at someone I work with, and feeling rather poisonous in that moment) at least, now I can see them. I have the opportunity to become aware of the synchorniss connection between their presence and my choice of mood, and do something about it (like eat them!) so that I don’t act out my physical reaction to those FEELINGS out like a total Bitch.


Well, the lizards might think I’m a total Bitch, but at least my co-worker doesn’t have to experience that side of me. Then again, I don’t think the lizards will hold it against me much because the LIZARDS BE GONE!

So, are WE still doubting the end of polarity yet?

Are folks still considering the concept that there’s some “ideal world” out there, and that the bad stuff will separate from our world and go to that “bad place” where all the “evil stuff” can run amuck, and the lovely stuff will stay in our lovely-lala land? Hmmmm. Is that the point of all this? Really? Life without Dragons?!?

Hell, if Skeletor is Love at this point…


well, then, darn it! Dragons can be too!


Life without diversity? Only light, no dark? Well, that seems a rather narrow description for the Universe. I actually think, if we can get through our own personally created hells, that there’s something pretty awesome and beautiful, and even wilder and more amazing around the bend. Something that even I cannot imagine!


Sweet! Happy Halloween!


  1. hertzmich
    October 31, 2013

    Extraordinary ! Fabulous ! Explains so much! And Where do you find those pictures?!!

    • Eliza Starbuck
      October 31, 2013

      Thanks Nancy! All pictures are found on the lovely internet except the ones of me, of course!

  2. Cecil Stehr
    October 31, 2013

    You go girl… Looking good…..I don’t know where I could have gotten the idea that you would enjoy Halloween. You hang in there and don’t let the monster’s get you. I know you are way stronger than they are. If they mess with you they will regret it.
    Enjoyed all of the pictures and catching up with you. Namaste…cecil

    • Eliza Starbuck
      November 1, 2013

      Big Love, Cecil! Don’t worry about me… at this point the monsters are allowed to be my friends (if they want to be, though they usually run away when I tell them that). I guess I’m actually scarier than most monsters 😉 tee-hee.

  3. Ellie
    October 31, 2013

    Great costume Eliza! And yes, October as been hellish, but hopefully once Mercury goes direct, things will brighten up again 🙂

    • Eliza Starbuck
      November 1, 2013

      I’ll be waiting for my technology to come back from the Mercury Retrograde sabbatical, Ellie. 😉 Until then, I’ll be playing with the monsters in my closet. lol.

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