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Every once in a while, I look around and find a pattern vibrating and mirroring in everyone I see and everywhere I look. A lovely experience when one is in love and an unpleasant one when one is in-fury-ate-ed. This week, in fury, I ate it, and unpleasant is a mild way of describing the emotions I experienced. Sage wisdom would say, “Change yourself, and the world around you will change.” Yeah, well, we earthlings have another expression: EFF IT!

I’d had a day where my job was torturous, and I wasn’t sure that power was being wielded in a balanced manner in my personal and daily life-fine. “Change yourself, and the world around you will change” applies where personal matters are involved, but not when I’ve had that day. Moreover, a friend, one of the more sane people I’ve met, emails me to let me know that a religious apocalypse is coming on an evil spaceship, explaining,

“This is to WARN YOU! Good people… in the eyes of the world… are (already) in Hell… Satan has planned an alien invasion (the aliens are his demon minions)…”

Now this is amazing! At first I think I cannot stop to consider this ridiculous, strange fodder right now. All the aliens I know are nice, and, besides, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today. And then, because compassion inevitably kicks in, and I care about the friend who sent me this dramatic message, I find a moment to read some of the horrible stuff, stuff that some people be-live in their reality, and I say, “Duh, aren’t we all experiencing some sort of hell, especially if we’re reading something like this?”

While we’re on the subject of the battle of heaven and hell on earth, here’s another spot where duality showed up: Pope Francis talking about environmental disaster.

“The pope’s acceptance that global warming is almost certainly man-made has irked the vocal minority with more skeptical views. They say Francis has overlooked the ability of technology to provide solutions to climate change. They’ve upbraided him for ignoring the role of free markets in lifting millions out of poverty. They’ve criticized his dismissal of birth control as the answer to an overcrowded planet” (NY Times).

I think the pope’s heart is in the right place, but he’s not offering a solution that will be easily accepted when there are so many unconscious, individualist humanoids on the planet. His opponents have pie-in-the-sky ideas on how to solve the problem as well. Talk about a conflict of duality! A man whose job is to express “God’s will”, suggests that human’s have the power of God on earth, a power to both create and fix a global disaster, while his critics believe that the free market, run by men is the salvation (also a stupid notion). Sounds like a psycho world war to me. What’s the problem in both of these equations? The imbalanced feelings of desperation and dependency that are required in order to trust in our pathetically limited human abilities to fix the mess that we largely contributed to making. I’ll go with the aliens if that is my only other option.

To add a bit of electric shock treatment to that 24 hour weirdness, a front page headline in the NY Times today declares,

“Enslaving Young Girls, The Islamic State Builds a Vast System of Rape!”

Fan-freakin-tastic. What is this world coming to? That sort of thing puts me, as a woman, over the edge and makes me downright murderous. No wonder I and several of the other Flowers are having violent nightmares and vigilante-vampire day fantasies. This kind of news makes us bloodthirsty.

The order of my gut reactions goes like this: Compassion. Rage. Compassion. Vigilance. Where did we go wrong and who do I have to kill (including myself, if I am the problem) in order to clear it? To address this situation, release the dragons!

The New Moon is here, and it demands that we change. My first thought once my rage has relaxed into vigilance: this is a test. It has to be a trick. I wonder how we’re being played here. Even I know that as twisted as we can make our personal lives in our minds, there’s no way I am, or anyone else is, powerful enough to create a hell on earth that we’re all entwined in, right? This is definitely an US-WE-ONENESS kind of a problem. If you make all of us a We, and we be in Oneness, then we have a mess of contradictory be-life systems making living together on earth damned uncomfortable. Either some folks have gotta go or we need to harmonize.

I think about all the right-wing Christians who are feeding into and be-living in a hellish reality. Our world becomes what we collectively believe. It’s all about voting. Did you remember to vote? If you didn’t, you are a coward. Get enough nerve to decide to change what you be-live in and then stick with it long enough to make an impact on our collective, conscious reality. Or visit a wizard on the other side of the rainbow to fix it. Just choose to DO SOMETHING, or get the hell outta here.

Many people have voted to be-live aliens are already here. (I’m one of them. How else would you explain the strange behavior of cats and insects?) But whether they come as an invasion to panic over, or whether they’ve always been here, (because them’s us), or whether it’s all bullshit and we are the only all-powerful, conscious, humanoids in this universe (not likely), these points of view are a choice in manifestation. Gotta choose what you believe in: it’s time to VOTE. What do we want to see?

Right-wing Christians, do you really want to give all your power away to someone who deserted you once already? Stop it. Must we be saved by some messiah dude, or can we all just get along on this earth and let it become a decent place to live together? Do we have to suffer here if Jesus, or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t show up?

I can answer that- nope. If that’s the way it’s going to be, you can count me out!

Sure, I am of this earth, but first and foremost I am of this universe. I am powerful, and I am free, and I don’t want anyone saving me, not a Satan party wagon, not a guy in Birkenstocks with Superman powers who 2015 years ago decided not to stay with us on earth because we generally suck and we messed up too much the last time “He” was vacationing here.

In response to the religious point of view, I’ll revert to my 15 year old self and say, “Fuck you, Jesus. Whatever.”

If there is a real Jesus consciousness out there, it will have a sense of humor, understand that the F word is also an expression of lovemaking, and will laugh at my attitude to the stupid, dualistic reality we find ourselves in.

This is my home right now, and its a weird place to live in. If a disaster is coming, I’ll rescue myself. If nothing happens, I won’t need rescuing. And then I’ll shift my focus to cheering up others along the way. The quantum “Asshole of Existence” (a.k.a. the Golden Age) we are entrenched in is exactly that. Friends are good to have in these times: they cheer me up and inspire courage and my will-full-ness.


To many, life on earth feels like hell on a daily basis. I get that sometimes. In the Asshole of Duality, the shit stinks. But it’s going to get better. Even in hell there are cracks in reality. This is a Free Will Universe Zone, remember? Quantum physics says you can be simultaneously in hell and in heaven and in a bunch of other states too. You can also jump from one state to another.

One of the most useful tools for dealing with duality is a suggestion from Richard Bartlett’s magical interpretation of the Bible: “Hell. Not.” Bam! Done! The fastest portal out of hell is a sense of humor, an eye aligned with light, and a preference for the point of view of a neutral universe that leans toward kindness and love.

Yes, go ahead and murder the realities that are not working for you: VOTE against violence by killing all the violence in your mind and in your be-life system. VOTE for what you want to happen by choosing not to feed energy into be-life systems that are enslaving, abusive, and violent. Keep your attitude and emotional reactions as neutral as possible and imagine a reality so strangely harmonious and superb that even you want to be-live in it. Imagine that either the inevitable alien invasion won’t happen or it has already lovingly happened, invisibly and without much damage.

Maybe there’s a solution to duality out there so far out, that we can’t imagine how we’re going to get out of this great uncomfortable state. But be sure to be-live it’s going to happen.

P.S. It’s awesome to have cat friends.


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